Transfer 12, Week 4 "last week..."

I can't believe it. This is my last week on the mission. It's been such an adventure. Last week was INSANE. I don't have much time, we've been so busy. Working really hard till the bitter end. I love you all so much!!! It has been the absolute craziest weather this week. It's sunny one second and the next second it's SNOWING!!!! I've never seen anything like it. General conference was so good. I loved it. It was everything I needed to hear. We met with lots of people this week. It was so awesome. I'm gonna miss everyone so much. I'm not ready to say goodbye! I'm not ready to leave! I'll definitely be leaving a part of my heart here. This week is gonna pass by so fast and it's gonna be so hard to say goodbye to everyone here. But i am SOO excited to come home. it's not even funny.

GAHH I love you all so much!!!! See you soon!!!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

Romanian food

The crazy snow

My breakfast. I'm so Romanian now.
An egg, salam, and salata de vinete on bread

Transfer 12, Week 3 "Ciao, cacao!"

Hey! How is everyone! This week was pretty intense but really good! We went to Arad on Thursday and had an exchange with the sisters there. I went with Sora Dupont, who is from Canada and is a French speaker. She had the cutest accent and I got to brush up on my french with her ;) The next day was zone training meeting. My presentation went AWESOME!! Everybody loved it. I'm glad because I put a lot of thought and effort into it to make it a really good experience for everyone.

Well the weeks are winding down. I'm finding there's less and less to talk about because it's all so normal to me now. Just as I'm getting the most comfortable and the language is coming the easiest is right when I'm leaving haha. Funny how that works right? I'm actually getting pretty sad to leave. I'm gonna have crazy culture shock when I get back to America. No more Romanian....no more Europe.....no more gypsies....no more getting run over on the sidewalk...no more delicious pastry shops every 2 feet...no more being a missionary.....its gonna be wicked weird. I feel like I've been looking forward to this day for so long but now that it's almost here, I don't want it to come. I never thought I'd be saying that haha.

Anyway, with Easter right around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about Christ. And we've been talking a lot about Christ with everyone. Actually, I accidentally said "Jesus Christ is my boyfriend" in a lesson last night instead of "Jesus Christ is my best friend." OOps hahahahhah. But really on a serious note, He IS my best friend. I could not have gotten through this mission if He hadn't been by my side through it all. Lean on Him. He loves you and He wants to help you. If it's true for me, it's true for you. I love you all. Have a great week and Easter!

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey <3

A picture she took of me praying before we went out the door one morning..I was really tired.

Sora Nichols and I being stupid hahaha

Transfer 12, Week 2 "Transfer 12 week.......i don't even remember at this point. they're all the same haha"


So.......last week was crazy. This week's gonna be even crazier. We're going to Arad for an exchange and then the next day we're gonna have zone training there as well where I have to give a ridiculously long presentation...an hour and a half....yeah. Kill me. It's gonna be kick butt though haha.

Where to begin...we got bunged A LOT last week. Oh well. But the lessons that ended up happening were amazing! We're teaching so many younger girls right now I LOVE IT!!!!!! Our weekly activities are booming, English is booming, everyone's so happy and yeah. Things are just great. I wanted to teach Beginner again for my last transfer and it has been SO FUN. I love it. I just get to make them laugh the whole time and it's just so great. Almost everybody stays for our spiritual thoughts after.

This week I got asked to speak last minute (and it ended up being my farewell talk because of fast Sunday, general conference, and Easter.) Paste is the week after Easter in America cuz the Orthodox calendar is different. Anyway, so that was crazy. I also sang a song in sacrament meeting and choir practice for Easter before church...GAH. It was ridiculous. And today my throat is killing me hahaha.

I can't believe how fast time is passing by. I don't even know what day it is/week it is half the time. It's so great. I was afraid this last transfer would drag by with the anticipation, but it's been anything but slow! I'm gonna blink and I'll be in America again, not knowing what to do with myself. I'm trying not to think about it too much because every time I do....it stresses me out wayyy too much. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. But I'm trying to wait a couple more weeks to actually freak out about it hahahaha.

Anyway. I love you guys. Hope you're healthy and happy. Can't wait to see you again. GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!! CHRIST LIVES!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey

Pictures from the top of a hill in Cluj
 Incredible view!


Transfer 12, Week 1 "exhausted."

So I am literally pooped. We had 3 new investigators this week. Along with all of our previous investigators. We literally walked 5 miles a day becuase we didn't have money to buy a bus abonament. Probably the busiest week of my whole mission. And this one is going to be even busier. Wish me luck. I'm working myslef to the ground for these last few weeks. 31 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Literally. I'm so excited. But I'm making every bit count.

Yours Truly,
Sora Hovey

Babylon - lol

Enjoying the sun. and an ancient church

My favorite thing ever!!! Placinta cu cartofi!!

          Me and Alex....another favorite thing hahah


With Andrea

 Some more from Sigisoara!!!

Do you see "Charlotte" on the grave stone? It was a German graveyard.

Transfer 11, Week 6 "Spring has come....?"

So it snowed two days ago....but today was glorious. I finally shaved my legs and sported a maxi skirt without......wait for it.........TIGHTS!!!!!!! My legs are free!!!! hahahahaahh

Anyway. Such a good week. It was sad to say goodbye to Sora Quist but I love my new companion, Sora Nichols. We are having so much fun together and working SO HARD. We literally ran ourselves dry the end of last week.

Sorry my emails are so small now but I literally keep running out of time. I'll be home soon enough anyway and I'll have tons of stories to tell then.

Sorry!!!!! talk more next week! here are some pics!!!!!!!


Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

In Sigisoara:

A real Romanian meal

SORA PARKER!!!!!! I DIED!!!!!!!! First time I've seen her since last August

Sora Bynum!!!!!!!!

Sora Nichols and I today!!! Sunny!!!!!

Transfer 11, Week 5 "O sa stau aici!"

(I'm gonna stay here!)

This week was crazy!!! Big news. I got into BYU!!!! I basically freaked out when I found out hahaha. And I'll be staying here in Cluj for my last 6 weeks. With Sora Nichols- she'll be in her 3rd transfer. I'm SO happy. I love Cluj.

We had zone conference and met with a ton of people and had awesome activities as usual. Life is so good. We sang Amazing Grace at zone conference and another meeting for our members and I think it's on youtube....I'll see if I can send you a link.

I don't have much time because I'm doing a weird email time right now. We're gonna have a fun pday tomorrow. Going somewhere out in the country. Woo!

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

Performing at the nursing home

Me, Sora Quist and Alex (member)

With Deni

Inside a cathedral

With Gabriela

Making burritos with English students

Some English students!

Investigator - Doru

Today is Martisor! (Women's Day) - got lots of presents at church

Transfer 11, Week 4 "Hey y'all"

Just a warning....there will only be 7 more of these things. Is that crazy or WHAT??!!!!! Can't believe it.

This week went by wicked fast. Not really much to report. It got pretty warm by the end of the week so this girl's happy. I'm done with the winter blues.

We met with lots of people this week. Some former investigators, some new investigators, some regulars. It was good. Our activities were all successes! Yoga night went great as usual. We're turning it more into a fitness night for more variety so I'm just the fitness girl here I guess hahaha. Good thing too cuz I'm trying to slowly get back into good shape before I get back. The other morning, we had some classical music laying and I couldn't take it anymore. I gave myself a ballet class in our living room hahaha. It felt soooooooooo good. I can't wait to dance again.

What else is new...really not much. We find out about transfers this week. I'm gonna kill myslef if I'm not staying here in Cluj. Okay not really hahaha but I've grown to love it way to much to get snatched away right at the end. So I'll keep you posted.

Sorry I feel so boring. Everything is just so normal now. It's gonna be so weird to leave. I can already tell America is going to be a culture shock. But a good one. I'll be back to my old tricks in no time ;) Just wait hahahah

Ahh...life is good. I love you all. God is always there for you. Here's my favorite quote that has gotten me through my life before now, through my mission, and wll help me for the rest of my life. Enjoy:

Let me have the courage to believe in myself
Not only on the days when I'm doing great and nothing seems impossible
But on the days when the world looks lousy and I'm losing.
And the road ahead seems too hard;
When I wonder if I'm brave enough, smart enough,
Strong enough and I must be crazy if I try,
Don't let me quit - Let me have courage in myself.
No matter how many people discourage me, doubt me,
laugh at me, warn me, think me a fool...
Don't let me listen, let me hear another voice saying,
"You can do it,"...And, "You will."
If no one else in the world cares or believes in me...
Let me have the courage to believe in myself (and in the Lord.)

Courage. I love it. Have a great week.

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey

From ancient, to communist, to modern. all attached!

Kisses! Escaping hahaha

We got her!

Langosi, otherwise known as a heart attack on a plate

Trying to be artsy hahaha......51 days left. 51 one skittles left in my jar.