Transfer 12, Week 3 "Ciao, cacao!"

Hey! How is everyone! This week was pretty intense but really good! We went to Arad on Thursday and had an exchange with the sisters there. I went with Sora Dupont, who is from Canada and is a French speaker. She had the cutest accent and I got to brush up on my french with her ;) The next day was zone training meeting. My presentation went AWESOME!! Everybody loved it. I'm glad because I put a lot of thought and effort into it to make it a really good experience for everyone.

Well the weeks are winding down. I'm finding there's less and less to talk about because it's all so normal to me now. Just as I'm getting the most comfortable and the language is coming the easiest is right when I'm leaving haha. Funny how that works right? I'm actually getting pretty sad to leave. I'm gonna have crazy culture shock when I get back to America. No more Romanian....no more Europe.....no more gypsies....no more getting run over on the sidewalk...no more delicious pastry shops every 2 feet...no more being a missionary.....its gonna be wicked weird. I feel like I've been looking forward to this day for so long but now that it's almost here, I don't want it to come. I never thought I'd be saying that haha.

Anyway, with Easter right around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about Christ. And we've been talking a lot about Christ with everyone. Actually, I accidentally said "Jesus Christ is my boyfriend" in a lesson last night instead of "Jesus Christ is my best friend." OOps hahahahhah. But really on a serious note, He IS my best friend. I could not have gotten through this mission if He hadn't been by my side through it all. Lean on Him. He loves you and He wants to help you. If it's true for me, it's true for you. I love you all. Have a great week and Easter!

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey <3

A picture she took of me praying before we went out the door one morning..I was really tired.

Sora Nichols and I being stupid hahaha