Transfer 12, Week 1 "exhausted."

So I am literally pooped. We had 3 new investigators this week. Along with all of our previous investigators. We literally walked 5 miles a day becuase we didn't have money to buy a bus abonament. Probably the busiest week of my whole mission. And this one is going to be even busier. Wish me luck. I'm working myslef to the ground for these last few weeks. 31 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Literally. I'm so excited. But I'm making every bit count.

Yours Truly,
Sora Hovey

Babylon - lol

Enjoying the sun. and an ancient church

My favorite thing ever!!! Placinta cu cartofi!!

          Me and Alex....another favorite thing hahah


With Andrea

 Some more from Sigisoara!!!

Do you see "Charlotte" on the grave stone? It was a German graveyard.