Tranfer 11, Week 3 "Flirt to convert?"

Yellowwwww!!!!!!! This week was pretty good. It passed by like THAT. I literally can't believe it's Monday already. Lots happened.

SO as you can tell by the title....lots of interesting things happened haha. I literally have like 5 boyfriends here (okay not literally...hahah.) They're all pretty new investigators that come to English and all of our activities. One of them, Costel, came to church yesterday and is actually very interested in the gospel. I gave him a Book of Mormon at one of the activities during the week and we had a really long conversation about what it's about and what we believe. He's really cool. He's an artist and he drew a pic of me for me hahah. Another one, Robert, stopped by our English classes on Saturday to give us flowers for Valentine's Day!! It was super sweet! Also, when we were traveling to Oradea, the conductor tried to set us up with his friend who was traveling as well hahah. I won't go into the other ones but basically, it's been a crazy week with that kind of stuff hahaha. Flirt to convert! It works!! Kidding....kind of.

We also went to Oradea for an exchange. Super fun. I went with Sora Weaver. Right before the picture (below) was taken, we had climbed over a gate to drop off some chocolate to a member who wasn't home. Sora Hovey doesn't take no for an answer. She climbs gates instead. hahaha. We did some sing contacting as a district there and I saw Elder French! They were doing an exchange as well. It's always awesome to see friends. I'm gonna miss everyone I've met here so much, missionaries and Romanians alike.

On Tuesday, some of our Elders were having problems with their electricity at home and they had to leave English as soon as it was starting. Sora Quist stayed in advanced while I braved the 25 person beginner class alone with no preparation! It worked out great though. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the whole time I was thinking, "If I can do this, I can do anything." LOL. But seriously. I have never been pushed out of my comfort zone so much on a daily basis until I came out on my mission.

We met with tons of people and had really good turnouts at our activities. Yoga night was success again and we'll continue to do it! WOO! Cornelia is still avoiding us but Andrea is SOOOO legit. She is so willing and wants to learn more and more. I feel so bad for her though because she works a TON and literally gets paid almost nothing. Like all of the jobs here... Anyway, she wants to get out of Romania so bad, and that's why we're helping her learn English as well as the gospel.

Ahhh....well that's about it. I've heard about all the snow back home. Stay warm!! I can't say I envy you! Lolllll I have 2 months left. The countdown is ON!!!!! Love you!!!!

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey


Sora Weaver and I

The drawing by Costel (he got the pic off of facebook apparently haha)

The flower from Robert!