Transfer 11, Week 2 "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

It's been snowing ALL WEEK. Kind of makes things a little tough. But despite the weather, we had an awesome week!! We were SO busy. We started our English classes. We're teaching advanced again. Super fun. Our after English activity" went REALLY well. Tons of youth age kids stayed. I was so happy!!! I've been wanting to form a youth group in every area for basically my whole mission hahah. For our branch activity night on Thursday, I taught a yoga class which was a major success! Some girls from our English class came and everyone loved it so much they want to make every Wednesday night yoga night! Yay!!! We did some group slack-lining contacting (for the one afternoon it wasn't snowing) and went district block-knocking as well.

Okay story time- I HATE block knocking. It's scary and my heart races the whole time. So that morning, I decided that we were just going to knock on doors and say "Hi, we're missionaries here and we know that God loves you. We want to show you this through a song. Can we sing something for you?" When I told Sora Quist that I wanted to do this, she told me that she had a feeling we were gonna see a miracle that day. SO that's what we did. We got rejected by a couple doors and then this young girl opens up her door. I ALMOST English contacted her but I decided to do the sing contact. As soon as I finished the little spiel, she goes yeah!! Come in!! WHAT. I have NEVER been let in a door. This was the first time in my whole mission. I literally was shocked. But we go in, we talk a lot, I play her piano, we sing, she's crying, etc. Turns out she's a music major and she let us in because we wanted to sing. WHAT?!!! We got her number and we're gonna go visit with her again next week when she gets back to Cluj (she left for the weekend.) Crazy or what. A miracle happened. I will sing contact when I go block knocking for the rest of my mission now. Should have figured it out earlier hahah.

Btw- we got to go see a ballet on Friday. I was in heaven. I literally CANNOT wait to get home and dance. Like my mom told me today- 65 days left. I can hardly believe it. Gonna make these last ones count. Thanks for everything. You all are amazing and I can't wait to see everyone again!!! Stay safe and happy!! God loves you!!!! I'd sing to you all as well if I could!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

My yoga students in corpse pose..haha

Posing in front of the opera house (if you can even see me)


More of the opera house

In our natural habitats at home:Quist in her corner....

...and me on the couch...hahaha

Eating a banana on the bus

Trying to sled in a baby bathtub...hahahah