Transfer 10, Week 5 "Woo! really quick..."

So our president cut down the time we have to email by a lot so my emails are going to be a lot shorter from now on.
Just know that I love you and miss you and everything!! Thank you to the Nielsens so much for the package it was so nice to have some american goodies....no I haven't gotten your package yet mom :/ But I'm looking out for it.
I was down in Buc for most of this week. We flew down which was so weird. I didn't think I'd be getting on a plane till it was time to go home! It was really fun to serve in my old area for a couple of days. Made me realize how much I miss it.
Cornelia didn't get baptized this week but it's all good. We reset a baptismal date with her for February 28. We're gonna keep working with her and helping her progress as best we can :) I love her!!!
I can't think of any particular funny stories at the moment....they happen everyday though. Gotta keep smiling to get through this winter. It's REALLY cold. But I can do it. We find out about transfers on Sunday. Fingers crossed that I stay here. I love Cluj like crazy. I really want to stay here for the rest of my mission.....which is 2 transfers. What the heck. I can't believe it. GAH!!!
I love you all!! Have a great week!!! Christ lives!!!!!
Yours truly,
Sora Hovey
At the airport



Sora Tanner
Food from the Nielsens' package....those hot fries and FLUFF!!!!!

I left the fluff at the sisters apartment because I didn't want it
 to get confiscated at the airport...that stuff is too precious!!!!!


Sora Honey and Sora Hovey! lol

on the plane home....