Transfer 9, Week 6 "La revedere Galați!"

My 7 1/2 months are over here. It's really weird. But it is TOTALLY time for me to go. And I am SOOOOOOO excited because I'm going to......CLUJ!!!!!!!!!!! Woo!!!! I'm gonna be right smack in Transylvania. I couldn't be happier. Apparently the members there are amazing and stable. It'll be so nice. It was my dream city ever since my MTC days so I guess my dreams are coming true. It's gonna be so beautiful for Christmas too. GAH!

Back to this week. I bore an awesome testimony with the members here yesterday for fast testimony. It's been hard, but they will always be in my heart. Sora Neti told me that she wants to keep in touch forever- wants to know when I'm getting married, having kids, etc.....she literally made me bawl. Marcela is in denial. She's really sad that I'm leaving but it'll be good for her to keep progressing without me.  

 I'm gonna miss this place. I've seen every season, seen a baptism, seen lots of others come and go, ran a branch, etc. A lot of my mission life was spent here and I will truly miss it.

We had 2 exchanges this week- one with the Bacău sisters and one with the Constanță sisters. I had my last ballet class on Wednesday when the Bacău sisters were with is :( It was sad. Ronnie is such a cool lady. I had some really good pizza in Constanță with Sora Sayer and Sora Long....both amazing missionaries and amazing pizza. It's been a while haha.

Moș Nicolae day was 6 decembrie! He puts goodies in kids boots that they put out by the door. He even visited us ;) We got bunged a lot on lessons this week unfortunately. However, 2 men that we contacted earlier in the week and earlier in the transfer came to church yesterday! A miracle! Also talked to some really cool people. I actually love contacting sometimes believe it or not hahah. We got to meet with a 2 less active sisters, a daughter and mom, and it was so beautiful.

Okay so we were walking to the maxi taxi stop last night to get home, and the maxi taxi we needed to get on pulled over to the side of the road WAYY before the maxi stop. And we realized that he pulled over for us. SO we waited for some cars to pass and ran over to get in. It was so weird because there were a ton of people in the maxi and he then stopped again at the real stop. Strange. I was talking to the girl sitting next to me the whole time so I wasn't really paying attention to the diver at all. We pull up to our stop and he turns around and says something to me and I didn't hear, so I went "Poftim?" And he just says, "ochii superb(superb eyes)" and I was like uhhhhhh mersi? hahahah and jumped off. It was so strange.

Ahhh the adventures of a sister missionary in Europe......I love life. I love you all. You can do anything through Christ. Literally anything. He is everything. It's amazing. I am so grateful.

BLIZZARD!! the snow was flying into my eyeballs!!! i was NOT happy.

Squid pasta from Sara!!!

our Christmas tree in the church building

cool stairs

Have a great week!!!! I'll talk to you net week from Cluj baby!!!
Yours truly,
Sora Hovey