Transfer 9, Week 5 "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Merry December!!!!

It's been snowing ever since Thanksgiving. The roads/sidewalks are literally ICE. We've been slipping and sliding everywhere...no falls yet though (knock on wood.)

Had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the members yesterday. Some of the less actives we visited last week came!! By the end of church we had like 23 people there! That's incredible!! I was stressed beyond belief and had to straighten a few members out but it all ended up good, with no tears this time. They're so used to me here. I was playing the prelude music and Liviu (seven year old boy) came and started clonking on the piano and I was NOT having it. His dad came over and snatched him up and said (loosely translated) Sora Hovey has arrived. You know not to bother her. HAHAH I felt like I was at home. They love me and I love them. I can't believe I'm probably leaving next week. I need to. But it'll be wicked weird nonetheless.

This week was awesome. We finally have a progressing investigator. Virginia, the woman I talked to on the street back in June. Imagine that. It's been amazing to see real things happen. Also had a lesson last night with Magda, a lady we block knocked into earlier in the week. She's pretty golden. I'm so happy all this stuff is going on, especially at the end of the transfer when it's the hardest. We have to do 2 exchanges this week since we were having money problems last week so that'll be insane. We have SO much to do. But it's good to be busy.

That's about it. I'm an amazing football player apparently. Who knew? Maybe I'll get into it when I get back hahaha jk. I love and miss you all. Check out this wicked amazing video. http://www.mormon.org/christmas?cid=HPFR112814529

Random Pics:

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey