Transfer 9, Week 4 "Happy Thanksgiving"


Our Pday is today woohoo!!! I'm so excited!! We're making it really fun. I made a pumpkin pie last night and everything. We're eating thanksgiving dinner together with the elders and others and having a turkey bowl in a little bit with all our English students!! I suck at football....any sport in fact..but I'm excited. Woo!!!

I'm so grateful to be alive!! It's sad to not be at home for the second Thanksgiving but it just makes me even more grateful for the life that I have. I love you all and am SO grateful for you.

Now for some highlights of the week cuz I don't have too much time....

A drunk guy fell on me!!!! One night, we were walking along the street in the pouring rain and he just came out of nowhere! He legit just fell on me from the side and I got out from under him and he continued to fall into the street. I was so shocked and confused that we kind of just ran away. Thankfully his buddies were around and helped him get up from the street.

We had a ton of lessons! The work is starting to pick up here! So cool. English really took off this transfer. We have lots of students. We had a spiritual thought on the Book of Mormon last week and I handed out a huge stack at the door at the end! It was amazing!

I am DANCING!!! I totally forgot to say this last week. We ran into this lady, Ronnie, who taught gymnastics in the States for 20 years and has a gym here now. I told her that I was a ballet dancer and long story short, I've been volunteering twice a week at her gym, teaching the kids ballet. I am literally SO happy. It's been an amazing opportunity. We've even taught Ronnie a bit! Her son owns a restaurant here and we eat there for free now. So cool. Sharing two things so close to my heart- the gospel and ballet. I'm so blessed.

I've taught Relief Society for two weeks in a row now. People aren't showing up/ leave early cuz they're sick. Oh well. It'll be strange to go to church and just sit there and enjoy it. To not be running a branch anymore haha. It'll be really nice.

Well I guess that's it. A cash register lady at the grocery store told me she liked my haircut on Monday. I didn't recognize her. It made me feel good that somebody in this town notices me and knows that I've been here for a while hahah. Ah....I'm so blessed. I love you all. Have a great day.

Random Pics:


Hot Chocolate

Till next week <3 Sora Hovey

BTW!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to tell everyone that I almost died in an earthquake this week. It was crazy. I didn;t know what was going on hahahah. okay that's it. love you bye