Transfer 10, Week 2 "Mewwy QUISTmas"

"Mewwy QUISTmas" (my comps name is sora Quist so we've been saying that all week hahaha.)

so...........THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love love love Cluj. It's the best thing that could have happened to me. Heavenly Father's definitely got my back lol. We did so much I can't even remember....

Oh! We have a baptismal date!!! Cornelia. She's like 80 something...I think it's my fate to baptize all the old ladies here lol. She's so cute though. And she's been wanting to get baptized for a while but hasn't gone to church yet. Well guess what happened. Sora Hovey came to town and I told her she was coming to church even if I had to carry her on my back (which would be easy since she's like 3 feet tall hahah) and she came to church yesterday!!!! WOOOO!!! Just one more week and she's all set for her baptsim on January 10th.

The rest of this week was filled with branch service activities, singing on stage in the center of town, visiting members and less active members, inviting the world to come to church, passing out christmas calendars....etc. So much happiness. So much love. I'm so happy. A little lonely, but happy nonetheless.

I already feel like a part of the branch here. I can't believe it's only been a couple of weeks. I love all the people here so much. They all have a weird accent though, it's funny. Kind of slower and lazier. I like it. There's a lot of Hungarian influences here so I was kind of lost for a bit when I first got here but now 'm getting the hang out it. A few of the different greetings are "Ciao" and "Servus." I love it. Anyway. Lots of good stuff happened this week. It's really cold. i'm so excited for Christmas. I don't really know why cu nothing is happeneing but I'm just happy. Especially to skype. It's been too long!!!!

Anyway. Merry Christmas. I love you all. Enjoy it. Don't get too stressed. Rememeber the real reason behind everything. You guys are the best.


singing in centru!

eating poufleti while planning. salty air...yum. hahha
dead bird for BIRD....

Body builder doing crazy push ups

Lots of love,
your Sora Hovey