Transfer 10, Week 1 "Hello Cluj!!"

Greetings from Cluj-Napoca. I absolutely LOVE it here. It's amazing. It's huge and beautiful and I can already feel myself getting happier and happier. Christmas is here!! How the heck did that happen so fast? I love it!! There are so many lights and decorations and Christmas spirit everywhere, I'm dying. It's so great.
Anyway, the beginning of this week was full of packing and saying goodbye to people. It was so hard to say goodbye to Marcela. But I know she'll do just fine without me. I needed to leave Galati so it'll all work out :)
moment I'll treasure forever
love you marcela
 I really will miss everyone there. I'm sure I'll be getting updates for the rest of my life so I'm not too worried :) Transfer Day was good. I got to see Bird one last time before she shipped back up to Moldova. I probably won't see her until it's time for us to go home so that was sad. I cried when I said goodbye to her as she was getting on her train. I really love her so much hahah and we are gonna be friends forever.
Then took a sleeper train up to Cluj with my whole district. We have 2 newbies with us this transfer, fresh out of the MTC. They seem to be adjusting well. It's weird because I have 4 sons now!!!! ( In missionary terms....the trainer is the dad and the mom is the oldest sister in the district. So I know have Elder De Luna, Elder Soelberg, Elder Allen and Elder Hellewell. No girls yet though ;) ) Since I've been here, we have been contacting and preparing for our Christmas concert which was on Saturday night. It went really well. I sang some solos so that was fun. The branch members are so great here. Mostly all of them speak English so that's a little weird but good I guess.

We were sick yesterday...Sora Quist was like throwing up in the morning so we didn't go to church. It felt SO weird. It was literally the first and probably only Sunday I haven't gone to church on my mission. And because it was my first Sunday here, I still haven't met all of the members hahah. Oh well. They must just think the new sister missionary is inactive haha. Jk. Anyway. Things are great here. Many updates to come. Life is awesome. Christ lives!!  Merry Christmas!!!!!! Craciun Fericit!!!

More Pics:
Santa baby...hahha
my family. my two sons
the district

love you familia stancu



Love you familia Luchian!
Back in Buc. My home.

I love you Cluj- Napoca

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey