Transfer 9, Week 3 "26 Hours of Traveling..."

Woo!! Hey. Still alive over here.

This week was SUPPERRRR busy.

First off, thanks a ton for the package and everyone who wrote me a note in it. I was bawling while reading all of them on the train ride home from Iasi. You guys are the best. One of the most special birthday presents I've ever gotten. I have been wearing the bracelets/silly bands/ring and getting lots of compliments. Thanks girlies :) 

So it all started on Tuesday...we had to have a 15 minute English class so it worked out perfectly since it was the first class. We set it up as a sort of registration night and legit like 40 people showed up. It was unbelievable. We then BOOKED it out to a taxi, barely made it to the train. In order to still have had any English class, we had to go on a crazy travel plan. So we took a train to Buc, then shortly after arriving there took a sleeper train to Iasi which arrived at 6 in the morning. That was crazy. I was so tired. But had an amazing zone conference there with Elder Kearon, the first counselor in the Europe Area Presidency of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy....that's a mouthful. Hahaha he was SO amazing. So loving. Very inspiring. And he's from England so he was just fun to listen to as well. You should read his talk he gave in GC a while ago. It's really good. Here it is...https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2010/10/come-unto-me-with-full-purpose-of-heart-and-i-shall-heal-you?lang=eng&query=elder+kearon

Anyhoo....got on a train that night back to Galati after eating THE BEST BURGER I'VE EVER HAD.....it was really good hahah. We ended up talking to a ton of people about the gospel on the train. Even got some numbers of people who wanted to meet with us. Really powerful stuff. We crashed late that night. Worked here in Galati for most of thurs, hopped on a train again that night.

I stayed with BIRD in Buc that night!!!!!! It felt so good to be reunited. I love her so much. She's legit my best friend here. I didn't even realize how much I loved her until she left me haha. Also, Sora Parker just happened to be leaving when I arrived and I chased her train down to see her....the conductor STOPPED THE TRAIN. I was so embarrassed because he thought I was missing the train hahah. Oh well. I got to see her for a second after like 4 1/2 months so it was worth it lol!!!

Had a really good leadership training with Elder Kearon again...I was bawling...again. He was just so inspiring. Just what this mission needs. I really feel like we're headed in a good direction now. Anyway, hung out with Bird for a bit before we had to go back to Galati. It was so sad to say goodbyw again. But I'll see her soon haha. Been here since Saturday and ready for a not so hectic week. 


These next 3 pics are of the Sleeper Train:

These next 2 pics are of Sara :( she went back to spain on monday!!! 

Genius idea! he hates wearing long sleeves under his suit coat....so this is what he did LOL
love the moustache straws! thanks!

MTC group girls again! 1 year later!

Reunited and it feels soooo good

Iasi Iasi Iasi. i miss it.
Anyhoo!!! that's about it. I love you all. I'm praying for you all. This is hard but it's so worth it. Anything hard is worth it. You can do anything through Christ. I know it. You're the best. 
Love you <33 
Sora Hovey