Transfer 9, Week 1 "YOMO (You Only Mission Once)"

Hey y'all.

So transfers happened on wednesday. I miss Bird like crazy. Like....a lot. She's definitely gonna be one of my best friends for like...forever. It's been a hard week. Transfer day was really fun. I got to see almost all of my MTC group. It's so nice that we've been able to all stay friends for so long. I love it!!! 

Things have been really busy since we've been back in Galati. We had a really fun Halloween party on Friday night!! Lots of people showed up, including Sara and her family! I love them so much. We've been contacting up a storm. Talking to lots of people. Putting up posters for things. Getting all around the city. We've been so busy that we might start taking buses instead of walking and taking maxi taxis now and then. Plus it's been getting way colder so it would be nice. 

So we haven't had heat or electricity in one of our walls in the kitchen for a while now. So our proprietara and 2 electricians came over and were trying to fix stuff for 4 HOURS. It was ridiculous. We had some pretty good convos though! We invited her to come to english and she taught us how to make potato salad Romanian style.....it was sooooooo good. 

That's about it. President Stancus son got sick and was in the hospital so we went to visit him. He's doing better thankfully. We visited with Marcela. She's awesome as always.
Not much going on with investigators. We're trying to get new ones. Please help us find people who want the gospel!!! 

with our proprietara and electricians haha

bye bird!!! WAHHHH

mtc peeps. love them!!!!!

halloween party

cool building

Thanks for everything guys. I couldn't do it without the support/love of everyone back home. Love you all.

<3 Sora Hovey