Transfer 8, Week 6 "Having 'Galati' of Fun"

I'm gonna be quick this week!

Transfer board came out and I'm staying here in Galați......again. It's gonna be okay, but I was kind of ready to go. It's been hard to be in a small city for 6 months and now it'll be 7 1/2 months here. I'll just make the best of it! I'm also losing my best girly friend Bird :( But I'm getting Sora Wright who is one transfer below me and we're still stl's. She's from MA too! That's about it! 

It got SOOOOO cold this week. I'm not ready for winter. But it's here! I'm excited for Halloween this week. We're having a party here with the branch!! Still haven't decided what I'm being...probably not an Elder like last year....remember??? hahahah

We're going to Buc in a couple days to change companions and stuff. Will be fun. Hopefully I'll get to see some of my peeps.

OMGG we lost power this week and we COULD NOT figure out how to fix it. Our propietara came over this morning to fix it for us. We didn't have hot water, a fridge, etc. It was nice to take a shower this morning for the first time in 5 days....hah!!!

we took Marcela out for dinner

We made a romanian dinner with Cornel

SO Windy!

Running in the rain!
my favorite English student Luana!! so sweet!

Anyway, love you, miss you, whatever!!!!!

<333333 Sora Hovey