Transfer 8, Week 5 "Baby it's Cold Outside"

It got cold all of a sudden this week! Here comes the winter!! Nooooo!!!

We went down to Bucuresti this week for a meeting.....it was alright but we're wicked tired now. We had to wake up at 4 to catch a train down and then we didn't get back till after midnight due to an accident on the road (we took a maxi taxi home.) Ughhhh we're still recovering. but it was good. I also got my bank card finally after losing it in Chisinau. Woo money!!!

We decided as a district to get all of our old materials out of the church so we did some "bloc-stuffing." Basically just go around to blocs and put pass along cards and stuff in all the mailboxes. Pretty cool, we had some people come to English because of it and a woman even showed up at church yesterday! We'll be doing that some more this week. Also did some slack lining and contacted with it. I'm really bad at slack lining but I'm working on it. I'll take some pics of it next week for those of you who don't know what it is. Also met with the Prada family, Sora Neti, and Marcela member wise this week. Had the usual family home evening, activity night, English classes. Had a Spanish lunch made by Sara (Bristish/spanish lady who lives in our bloc) ! It was so fun! We're starting to meet with her more which is really exciting!

We find out about transfers this week....EEEK. I think I'm out of here but we'll see...it HAS been 6 months though. I think my time is done in Galati. I can't believe I've been on my mission for a year already. Holy cow. I'm gonna be home in less than six months baby! Crazy!! 

p.s I chopped my hair!!!!

It's gone! Oops! hahah

1 year down with Sora Bird and Sora Bischoff in Bucuresti!! 
I guess that's about it. Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!!

Yours truly, 
Sora Hovey