Transfer 8, Week 4 "Oh How I Love to Be By the Seaside"

Buna ziua!!!!!

Sorry I've kind of been off the radar for a while. Not too much has been happening anyway so there's not too much to catch y'all up on. But hey!!! I HIT MY YEAR MARK ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!???? I can't. Super crazy. I'll only have 6 months left after this and I'll be home the next time I blink. They all told me that the time would pass like nothing but I didn't believe it. Well here I am!

This week was pretty busy! We had a packed beginning of the week with a good English class and some visits to some members. Wednesday and part of Thursday we were in the lovely city of Constanta which is right on the Black Sea!! I got to frolic in it for a bit. Oh man it was hard though....I shed a tear or two when we arrived there. It smelled like home. It felt like home. It was ridiculous. Probably would be better if I didn't serve there hahah. Anyway we had an AMAZING exchange with the sisters there. They really are on fire and we were both worked like crazy. Sora Long and I had some lessons with members and less actives and we tried to find some people that they had been wanting to meet with and walked around giving flowers to random ladies. It was so fun!! 

On Thursday night, the sisters from Iasi came down to us and we did our exchange here in Galati the next day. We were able to meet with some less actives and members and they helped us make posters and flyers for a weekly activity night we're trying to promote to bring people into the church for some fun!! 

We had a packed Saturday as well so needless to say, I was a little exhausted. On Sunday, we were supposed to have a lesson with Virginia, a woman we had run into like 4 months ago on the street, who was finally able to meet with us last week. She cancelled on us last minute though. Hoping for this week! And hoping that more people will want to meet with us and KEEP meeting with us! I'm getting a little discouraged with the typical one lesson and then they fall off the face of the earth. But it's not up to me, I just gotta keep trying. Just trying to keep swimming!!! The church is true! Christ is my savior and your savior. General Conference was last week- I haven't been able to see it all myself yet but what I did see was absolutely amazing. Here's the link if you'd like to see parts of it/all of it yourselves!!! https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng

pics: all from the constanta exchange!! so pretty!! I loved it there!

I love you all!! Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!!!!

Yours truly, 

Sora Hovey