Transfer 8, Week 2

Hey everyone!!!!

I'm doing great and I hope you all are too!!! 

This will be pretty short, but I just wanted to say hi since I missed last week. 

This week, we went to Chisinau in Moldova for zone conference. It was pretty good! I always love going up there. I hope I get to serve there someday! I've got 4 transfers left so 4 chances....craziness. A member of the quorum of the seventy talked to us as well as our mission president and they gave some good talks! Very motivating. 

BUT I lost my wallet in a maxi taxi. We were literally stuffed in there like sardines so I don't know if I just dropped it or if it got taken...kind of sucks. I realized it when we sat down on the bus to go back to Iasi and we BARELY made it. I literally started freaking out because I thought my visa was in it but thankfully it was just sitting in my purse. I got really lucky. I wouldn't have been able to get back into Romania without it so that was awesome. 

Otherwise, we've been trying to do a lot of contacting for English which starts tomorrow. Meeting with lots of members and less actives. We're trying to find some new people to teach. We're praying and working for them!! 

university in Galati

the bathroom on the way to Moldova. yes I used it. lol!

the ghetto maxi taxi. that is a portable chair the driver pulled out so that more people could come on hahah

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statue on the danube

cotton candy mustaches!

Hope your week was awesome and that you'll have an even better week this week!!! Love you all!!!
<3 Sora Hovey