Transfer 7 Week 6

Dear family and friends!!!

We found out what will be happening this transfer and........I will be staying here in Galati with Sora Bird!! This is the longest I've ever been in one place. Good thing I love it here!! hahaha. We're getting a lot of fun people here this upcoming transfer so I'm really excited!!! We're gonna blow Galati out of the water!!

This week felt really busy but not too much to report.

We went to the Circus!! It was pretty ghetto but SO much fun!! It's been a while since I've done anything normal so it was exciting. It was pretty scary because there were no safety mats or strings holding anyone up or anything!! It was all pure talent!! I was really impressed but also afraid that we were going to witness a death hahaha.

We met up with Sara one day and had an awesome long conversation! I love getting to talk to her in English...it's such a nice break. I love her and her family so much and I'll miss them when they go back to Spain in November! :(

We traveled over to Bacau to do an exchange this week. I had heard that it was a really small city but I thought it was great! It seemed about the same size as Galati but more modern. I really liked it and we had a fun exchange with the sisters over there. I got to meet the branch members at Family Home Evening where we played the card game "spoons." It was a little crazy travelling there because we had some train layovers but we made it there and back despite the craziness!

I was a little sad that Gabriela and Gabriel didn't show up to English on Tuesday, but they came on Saturday!!! And we're gonna go visit them this week!!! Woo!!! Lili was sick thsi week so we didn't get to meet and she didn't come to church on Sunday. BUT she might come to Titi's baptism tomorrow night! Yes! I forgot to mention that one of the Elders' investigators is getting baptized this week! Galati is on fire!!! I love it!!!!

That's about it for this week. Marcela's doing great. The members are doing better. We're slowly but surely getting the branch back on track. We taught primary on Sunday cuz the president didn't show up. I was really tired. I'm ready for some sleep! hahah Hopefully we have a better/busier week. We have a lot of people we're planning on visiting so hopefully it happens!

a woman standing on the window hanging out of her bloc...I couldn't believe it!!

district bonding

knock off KFC hahah

on the cross walk

We got our arms signed by "orlando" hahaha

camels and zebras!!

we broke our wishbone the night before we found out about transfers and I got the bigger part which meant I was gonna stay. We were right!! But bird is staying too!!!

Love you all!! Have a great week!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey