Buna ziua tuturor!!

This week went by quick! It's technically only been a few days since my last post because of having to go down to Buc but it's all good! 

We were running around like crazy this week! Had a ton of cool experiences. We talked with a guy for a while when we were waiting in line for a rotisserie chicken one day..ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! The mother and son that we teach for our English class want us to come to their home next week and teach them the Gospel after we talked about everything for half of the English class. We had a lesson one morning with Lili and Sora Prada (they're sisters!) and then she came to church! She knows basically everything about the gospel...her biggest hang up is that she has read some of the Book of Mormon and prayed about it but doesn't feel like she got an answer about it. I told her that answers don't always come to us when and how we want them, that we need to keep exercising our faith. She agreed and wants to keep meeting with us.

We have been on a search to locate and talk to all of the less active members on our list and we're almost done! One woman let us in last week and we gave her a little lesson. We've been in contact with her since and she'll probably come to church or at least Family Home Evening this week. The members we met with this week are doing great. Sora Bird and I taught Relief Society on Sunday on unity. Despite the fight that happened before our lesson started, we think it went really well LOL. 

I feel like my posts are becoming more and more boring as I get more used to everything here. Sometimes things will happen and we'll go...only in Romania ....and then brush it off. Like the family riding in a cart being pulled by a donkey down the road. Or the woman trying to balance on her window pane as she stands on it and hangs up her clothes outside her apartment window. Or the extremely ghetto neighborhoods we find ourselves in that are so normal here....but you would think nobody has lived in for years back home because they are so fallen apart looking.  Ahh.....I really do love it here. I wish you could all just experience it for a second! Oh! That just reminded me of a funny story...so these little kids were bugging us one day when we were trying to find a less active member and we crossed the street and Sora Bird pointed out a a wallet in the cross walk. I (trying to be a nice citizen) picked it up thinking we could bring it to the police station or something. All the kids come screaming after me and are like open it open it! Take the money! And I'm like no! So they take it from me and open it up and it was full of fake money they had made and they started dying laughing. I was not amused hahaha they got me good. But then we talked to them for a long time and they made us speak in English to each other while they giggled along.Then their moms came over and talked to us about English and we left with them all in love with us. It's always good to make friends with the neighborhood locals hahah. 

Well that's about it!!! I love you all! I hope you have a great, happy, safe week! Till next time...

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey

On the ferry...picture from Elder Speyer.

p.s I'm gonna get caught up on the posting. sorry I didn't have time to get all caught up today!!!