Transfer 7, Week 4

Greetings earthlings....

This week was cray cray. I was in 3 cities! We went to Iasi for an exchange with Sora Bischoff and Quist and then were down to Buc and back for an MLC meeting. Woot!! It was crazy but awesome.

First off. We met with a woman, Vali, who we met in a park a couple weeks ago. It was so awesome! She's really cool and wicked sweet. We were going to have another lesson with her on Sat night but something came up :( This week! We'll meet with her and she's gonna come to church and it'll be great! :)

We talked to some other potentials as well. Hopefully they'll want to meet up this week! We did some less active finding as well but got some door slams and got lost but we still have more work to do with finding out where more of them live!

The exchange in Iasi was really fun! I did my exchange with Sora Bischoff (one of my MTC comps) and we went to visit a member, Sora Genoveva. It was so great to see her again and to be able to UNDERSTAND her too!! Hahah it was really amazing to see my progress from a boboaca when I didn't understand squat to now when I was able to have a conversation with her. So amazing! We also got ice water buckets dumped on our heads (apparently it's a youtube thing spreading across the world for some cause? I don't know anything hahah) But anyway, the elders did it for their investigator because he said he'd stop drinking coffee for a month if they did it. So we did it too for Galati!! Hahah SO COLD.

We were back in Galati for a day- taught English and visited Sora Marcela and Sora Neti. A good, busy day! Then had church on Sunday with a visit from Presedintele Constantinescu then headed on the train towards Buc. We had a great day in Buc yesterday at MLC. Lots of great things are gonna happen in the mission. I actually got to talk to this really funny mission president from one of the missions in England. He had the thickest British accent I've ever heard but he was WICKED funny and had some amazing ideas to help the mission move forward here. Basically saying what I've been saying all along! We just need to be normal people. Cuz we ARE normal people and people don't want to talk to scary robots, people like to talk to people. So we're moving away from scary unapproachable ways of trying to talk to people to just trying to connect with people on a human level. So awesome!!

We went out for dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant after taking care of some business and headed out at about 5:30 the next morning so we could get back here and get to work. We actually had a pretty good day today! We had a lesson with Presedintele Stancu and his family and then came to the church for English. We finally had a kid show up so we taught him and his mom. It was so fun!!! Hopefully we can build up our kids class in the future but for now it's so awesome!!

Anyway, super fun week. Hoping for a good week this time around too. I love you all and happy September! I can't believe where the time is going. Hard to believe I've been out for almost a year. Have fun with the start of this new school year and know that God loves you!!!!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey