Transfer 7, Week 3

Привет!! (Hello in Russian. I'm starting to learn it a little bit!!)

This week flew by! But so much happened!

First off, we did so good on our cleanse! I didn't make it the last day, but I'm so proud of myself for making it as far as I did hahah. The concoction we had to drink every morning just about killed me...we have videos of our daily pain and moaning hahah. We kinda went crazy food wise the following days but....oh well!

We think the cleanse worked because we got hit on the most either of us have been our whole missions just in this past week! LOL. It got to the point of ridiculousness honestly. Every day there was something. Groups of guys surrounding us and trying to talk to us, guys chasing us down trying to get us to go on dates with them, old men kissing us, random guys shouting things at us...it was crazy!! We're just too much for Galati to handle I guess hahah jk!!!

Anyway, this week we really hit the pavement work wise. We visited members, did English contacting, block knocking, former investigator finding, and less active finding. We started English classes (no kids showed up for us to teach unfortunately) and our Movie night. Both were really fun! We tried really hard to get into doors to meet with people but were turned down a lot. We found out lots of information about less actives. Talked to a lot of neighbors about where they moved to, talked to some less actives at their doors, etc. We found one of the formers but she was an older lady and had no recollection of ever meeting with missionaries and was very set in her Pentecostal ways. However, we talked to her 20 year old grandson (and dang was he cute haha) as well and he may come to our English classes.

We asked the one woman who comes to English if she wanted to learn more and she turned us down as well. We had a lesson planned with a potential but when she got to the church to meet, got scared, and wouldn't come in. It pretty much broke my heart, but I know that she just isn't ready right now. We have been trying to have as many gospel conversations as we can have each day and we are starting to see the difference it's been making! We're just trying to build momentum here until it breaks and real things start happening. I'm very hopeful about that.

I miss you all like crazy! I hope everything is going well. I pray for you all the time and hope everyone's ready for the school year to be starting again. it really is crazy how fast time flies...Anyway, love you all and talk soon!!!

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey