Transfer 7, Week 2

Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo, here comes the sun, and I say, it's alright... ♫

It's been blazing hot this week!!!! I don't know if I've ever felt so hot in my life hahaha but it's all good! It cooled down yesterday and today but not for long...anyway!! It was a good week. Long, but good.

We contacted A TON for English. We decided to do a kids class this transfer, that Sora Bird and I will be teaching, and we've already talked to a lot of people who want to bring their kids. It'll be a great opportunity to serve and to share the gospel with families! We also ran around to the universities to put up posters, but they are closed down for August :( Every night, we've been "big sign contacting." We printed out a huge sign that said free English classes! Ask us!! And every night, a million people come up to us! It's the best thing ever!!! I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier haha. Hopefully we'll find some people to meet with this week. We're also trying to establish a sports night and a movie night so that we can get a good group of young people here. That would be awesome.

We tried to contact a bunch of former investigators this week and a lot of them seem promising actually. We've also been trying to get in touch with/visit the less active members in our area. We went to visit a few and they either weren't home or didn't answer their phones. We did, however, get to meet with one less active couple and had a great time with them! They actually have 2 kids who served missions and live in England and Washington now. Super cool. We hope they will want to come back and be a part of the branch here. We need them! We met with Marcela once this week. She's progressing nicely! She paid her tithing this week which was such a miracle. She is so amazing and I am so happy I get to be there for her to help her along her journey!

We had a block party on Saturday night. It took a ton of preparation and was kind of a disaster, but the night ended pretty well. It started to pour rain as we were trying to grill the meat, so that ended up taking forever. It also made it so we couldn't stand out on the street and invite people to come in. Before the rain started, we were able to invite some people in so that was good! One of two women that came in actually ended up being a relative of one of the members there and thought that God inspired me to stop her....well I guess she was right hahah! It was a little stressful because nobody explained how it was just an open house sort of deal to the members so they were trying to get everyone to have a sit down meal when people had already been grabbing food here and there..... .some arguments happened and people were freaking out at me because I was the only one who was trying to take charge...I shed a tear or two in the bathroom but everything's fine and everybody's great now! Sunday was crazy. I half taught primary, played the hymns, and gave a talk. It was so great!!

Sora Bird and I are really working on our fitness so we've been working out a lot and we're now doing a cleanse hahah. We have to make and drink this disgusting drink every morning and then basically only eat fruits/veggies for 5 days. If I seem a little grouchy next week, you'll know why!! Lol! We went to work out at the park one morning and decided to take a little break on the swings.....I swear I'm the most uncoordinated person sometimes. I slipped trying to get on the swing because there's a bar across the back and I pretty much killed myself and my leg so I have a huge bruise on my shin and I was in a ton of pain! Sora Bird was too tired to laugh....but we did afterwards when we were more awake haha.

That's about it for this week! Hoping for an even better, busier week this time around. I love you all and am praying for you! Enjoy the sun!!! And the water!!! :) God loves you!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey