Transfer 7, Week 1

Buna buna buna!!!!!
This week was SO sick. So fun. I love it when I get to be in Buc for transfer day. I'm trying to remember back to what happened this week....

The beginning of the week was pretty much just packing and helping Sora Parker get ready to head over to the west!!! She seems like she's loving it! We ate at Luca (REALLY good pretzel place) for the last time as a district on Tuesday night and then left Wednesday morning!

Bucuresti was so fun and such a blur. Wednesday we just spent it at the gara (train station) helping people with their traveling and saying hi/bye to everyone. I called Roxana cuz I wanted to meet up but she was away at the beach!!! :( So lame. But thankfully, I'll be going down to Buc lots more times before I finish my mission so I'm not too upset. I got to see pretty much all of my MTC group which was fun, especially because Birdy and I are together now. I stayed in my old apartment and it was a little sad. I REALLY miss serving in Buc. I love Galati but I hope I get sent back to the Panduri Branch in Buc again.

We spent Thursday at the mission home for MLC (meeting with the ZLs STLs and President/Sora Ivory.) It was pretty good. I got called on the spot to say 2 prayers though!! I hate having to speak Romanian in front of big groups of missionaries hahah but.....extra blessings right?? We got to see all the trainers matched up with their boboc's which was so fun!! It was a party!!! It was sad to say bye to Sora Parker that night but she's gonna do so great! And we are definitely staying friends!!!

We barely made it to the train Friday morning running in on two wheels haha. We had a nice little ride back to Galati, which ended up as mostly us sleeping. We've been getting settled back in ever since. We met up with Marcela on Saturday-she's doing so great!! It's amazing to see how much she progresses every time we meet with her. Also, ever since we had our Family History Night, she's been really interested in finding her relatives. She actually went to the Primaria and got records of her ancestors. She said she didn't have any of the information before so that's really cool! It's so amazing how the Gospel changes people's lives. I'm so happy I get to be a part of it.

Sunday was pretty good. It was really small because the members weren't back from the temple yet but still good. We had a fun district dinner last night and bird threw pudding at my face....pretty hilarious. We went bowling today which was REALLY fun! I haven't had a really fun pday in a while so it was a nice break! I'm awful but that's half the fun for everyone else hahaha.

That's about it! I'm excited for some fun weeks with birdy!!! It's SOO hot here. Enjoy the water for me. I officially declare this as the first and only summer I won't be at the beach hahah. Sacrifices!! Love you!!! have an awesome week.

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey