Transfer 6, Week 6

Hey y'all!!!! So I've gotten some requests to go back to my old ways. Here's the latest craziness.

So this week was pretty cool! We visited a TON of members, made sarmale (twice!), had a Family History night with the branch members, had Harry Potter Day (in honor of Harry Potter's birthday July 31st,) Adrian got baptized, and.....we found out about transfers!!!  

First things first, I'm staying here in Galati!!! Sora Parker is leaving :( I'm gonna miss her so much! We literally are gonna be best friends forever. BUT guess who's joining me here? SORA BIRD!!!! Woot!!!! I'm so pumped!! It's gonna be weird to be with someone my own age in the mission but it's good cuz we'll get to relive our MTC days together. We're the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) here now...meaning we basically just travel to the other cities in our zone and check up on the girls!! Pretty much just party it up and make sure everything's good!! I'm super pumped for this next transfer. 

It was wicked fun learning how to make sarmale, a Romanian specialty, with Sora Stancu and then with our district later in the week. They're basically meat and rice stuffed cabbage rolls. But we made them with grape leaves- I personally like those better than rolled in the pickled cabbage leaves. Success! They were really good!
Sarmale Making

The family history night went well. The members didn't really get it but it was a really nice presentation. it's just hard here because familysearch.org isn't in Romanian and plus, there are next to no records available online yet. The government here is just starting to put their records out- the ones they have at least. it's hard here, but we encouraged them to write down the information and stories they do have. 

Adrian's baptism went really well! It was a  really nice service and the members are all so loving and welcoming towards him as well. Good job to Elders De Luna and Lenhart working with him! He's a great guy! We all tried to make chocolate chip cookies for his baptism as well, but for some reason, they kind of failed so we had to make the rest into a sort of cookie cake. Worked!

Harry Potter Day was wicked fun! We made wands for everyone and also made our version of the cake Hagrid brought to Harry. Was so fun! We had a Harry Potter themed District Meeting with the Zone Leaders as well. We just have to make our own fun here sometimes hahah. So fun.
Harry's Cake
Hogwarts students
 Oh my gosh!! Funny story!! So Marcela is in love with Elder Collison and pretty much wants us to get married. She talks to me about it every time she sees me and always talks about how great I am to Elder Collison. She was very upset when she found out he was leaving this week....and when she was walking down the stairs to leave church on Sunday she said to Collsion, "Uite ce pierzi! Uite ce pierz!" Meaning...look at what your losing!! LOLL. 

More Pics!
Cake we made for Adrian's baptism with the leftover frosting lol!!!

Dead after our run one night

Some of our members left to go to the temple in Germany this week. I'm so excited for them!! Sora Neti is especially excited because this is her first time going after joining the church 3 years ago. It's a huge deal for the members to be able to save up money and finally go to the temple! It makes me so much more grateful for the temple only being an hour away from me. I'll never complain! I'm so humbled by everything every single day here. I'm forever changed! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn everything that I have and will learn. Ahh!!! Love it!!! have a great week everyone!!!!
Yours truly,
Sora Hovey