Transfer 6, Week 5

Hey y'all!!!!

Quotable quote: "Those cookies are burnt, Sora Hovey." -Elder De Luna
 "You're burnt!." Not realizing that I was saying that to the only mexican in our group. Everyone started dying laughing. He gets called "mexicanu" more than I get called chinizoica!!! 

Funny story: The missionaries here were all practicing a song we were going to sing for Marcela's baptism and there was a quiet part and we all started to laugh a little bit when.......BAM!! I let out a HUGE fart by accident and everyone was dying. Literally on the ground laughing. Super funny. I wasn't even embarrassed. 

Missionary work update: Marcela was baptized and confirmed this week! Very exciting! The baptism was a little different since she's old and couldn't bend backwards so she had to go forwards instead. But the members were so loving and supportive and everyone seemed to have a great time. They are so happy and excited to see more people coming into the church here! 
Marcela and Elder De Luna! and us
with members afterwards!
A man the Eders have been working with is getting baptized this week as well, so the members are just ecstatic! Yesterday, we called a woman we had met on the street last month and she said she'd like to meet with us to learn more this week! Super exciting. We have been meeting with the members and are planning to make some trips to the country side this week to visit some less active members. Looking forward to a busy week! 

Profound/Spiritual experience: This isn't a specific experience, but I have really gained a huge testimony of prayer this week. Several times, I was praying for something and I got the answer almost immediately whether it was through a thought of my own or the action of another. It was really amazing to see Heavenly Father answering my prayers! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice as well. I've been able to lean on him through hard and stressful times. I know that He is there for us all and that he suffered and died for us so that we don't have to go through that pain ourselves. He's our Savior and our friend! I know this to be true!!! 

More Pictures:

The Old Font
The New Font
Ordering people around.....that's my job! oops! hahah
I sliced it open by dropping a plate!! OOps!!
This is what we do on pday!!!
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week. Have fun celebrating Harry Potter's birthday this week!! Woo!!!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey