Transfer 6, Week 4

HAPPY 9 MONTHS TO ME!!!! HALFWAY DONE!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!

Quotable quote:                          "Win the day."
                        We had Zone Conference this week and met President and Sora Ivory and their family. They are pretty cool! They have an amazing vision and are gonna do a lot of good for this mission. They are very positive and optimistic and I love that!! Sora Ivory quoted this, from some football coach or something, and I just loved it. It's my mission motto! All you have to do is takes things a day at a time. And just win the day! I love it! 

Funny story: We had just left the house one day and it looked like it was gonna rain but I was like, whatever! Sora Parker suggested we should get our umbrellas but I figured we would be fine. We had a big walk ahead of us and about 10 minutes into our trip it started POURING. Not a regular pour...it was literally like buckets and buckets of water were being dumped out on us. Everybody was huddled under store fronts and stuff so we stayed for a bit but it wasn't stopping and we had things to do! Some old men were screaming at us that we were crazy and that we were gonna get sick when we ran out again but we were fine! We were literally soaked to the bone and dripping wet. It got to the point where I was just jumping from puddle to puddle and we were laughing hysterically from the ridiculousness of it all. Also at the fact of the hundreds of people that were just staring at us, the only people in the whole city who were running through the streets for probably an hour. At least people know who we are now! Even if they think we're crazy hahah!

Missionary work update: Marcela is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Wooo!!!! We're so excited!!! We have a lot of work to do. We have to fix up the font (which is a big tarp held up by plastic tubes that probably hasn't been used in YEARS) and organize everything. This week was interesting in our lessons and I had to explain to her that using condoms isn't the same thing as having an abortion....in Romanian. Yep. Basically I said an abortion is when you are big with child and you kill it. Very barbaric sounding but I couldn't describe it any other way!! I hadn't prepared for that one!!! hahahah

Profound/Spiritual experience: Church this week was the best Sunday I've had in a really long time. It's usually pretty frustrating for me because it's mostly just trying my best to understand everything and communicate for 3 hours straight. Bust for some reason this week, I was so happy and felt the Spirit so strongly. Probably because all the members were so happy that there will be a baptism here and that hasn't happened in a really long time. Also, 3 men showed up that had investigated the church years ago but stopped and decided that they wanted to come back. We also had a visit from the Branch President and his wife from Constanta. They gave some really powerful talks in Sacrament meeting and set some things straight here. It was so awesome! I love Sundays like that and I am so grateful for all of the members and missionaries here. Christ lives, the gospel is true, and I'm so happy to be a representative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the next 9 months. Love you all!!! 

More Pictures:
Love them!!! At zone conference!!
Waiting for the train at the Gara.
Sora Bischoff and me at zone conference!

Yours, Truly
Sora Hovey