Transfer 6, Week 3

Hey guys!!! So I'm gonna try something new so my blog posts aren't just a big long ramble anymore! 
Quotable quote: "Mi-e frică de pepene verde."  (I'm scared of watermelon.)-Said by our investigator, Marcela. 
The older women here are VERY superstitious. She thought that because the watermelon was cold, that it would make her sick.  And she made us drink something warm after we ate our watermelon so that we wouldn't get sick haha.

Funny story: So we went to a place called Costache Negri last week which is a little town in the countryside that got destroyed by a flood months ago. We went to help them rebuild and it was an amazing experience! We'll probably be returning weekly from now on.  So we stayed at this one man's house for most of the day and he fed us while we were there. I ate a couple pieces of the meat they had set out but he kept making me eat more and more. At one point, I was just like okay fine! I stuck my fork into one and Sora Parker and Elder Collison both reached for me and were like NO! under their  breath but it was already in my mouth....they let it go but later they told me everyone was avoiding the piece I picked up because there was a dead, cooked FLY on it!!! I tried to not be too disgusted...extra protein right? hahah!!

Viewer discretion advised: Romanian women don't wear bras!!!!

Missionary work update: We met with some members this week and had several lessons with Marcela. We are helping her get ready for her baptism!! She is such a sweet lady and just wants to learn more! She wants me to go on x factor...she makes me sing for her every time we visit hahah. She doesn't think she can pay tithing but we're trying to help her understand the reason why we pay it and that she will be SO blessed if she does! We'll be meeting with her a lot next week despite traveling to Iasi to meet the new Mish Pres and his family! SO excited for that!

Profound/spiritual experience: We went to several places "la Țara" (at the countryside) this week and I was just so humbled. These people live in shacks with dirt floors and their way of living is just so simple. It's hard for me to understand why I was so blessed with so much in my life when so many people have so little. It really made me SO grateful for everything I have in my life, especially the little things. This mission has definitely changed me in so many ways already and I know I will come back home with a different perspective on life! 

More Pictures:  Last Monday, we went across the Danube and explored the little village. 

On the ferry back to Galati 

This week was filled to the brim and I'm looking forward to an even busier week coming up! Stay safe and happy and TAN!!! Love you all!!! God loves you more!!!!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey