Transfer 6, Week 1


The first week of this new transfer has been a little long, since we didn't have to travel down to Buc, but it's been great! I'm sad I'll be missing the 3rd and 4th of July celebrations back home, but am excited for a little celebration of our own over here. We plan on getting burgers from Mickey D's and getting cotton candy and corn on the cob at the Faleza! We're gonna make do!! I'm so glad that summer's here! It's been REALLY hot, but I'd rather that than the freezing cold. It is weird to see so many women with no tops on though.....that'll probably take some getting used to! hahahah!

Anyway, it was sad to say our final goodbyes to President and Sora Hill this week. Our new Mission President and his wife are now here, The Ivory's. I'm excited to meet them! I'm sure things will be different and it will be a little weird at first, but I am looking forward to it! Change can be a good thing, right? 

We welcomed a new Elder (De Luna) fresh off the plane this week. He seems eager and ready to work! He's pretty cool so I'm glad to have him here in Galati. We also walked A TON this week. I don't know if I've ever walked that much in a week in my entire life. We just made a bigger effort to always be outside when we don't have a lesson or other activity or meeting planned which was.....almost all of our time hahah. 

We were able to have a lesson with the older Marcela this week and it went really well! She came to church on Sunday as well and is already good friends with a member, Sora Prada. She's more than halfway done with the Cartea Lui Mormon and had TONS of questions for us, like how come we don't cross ourselves and why we don't say the "Tatal Nostru" (The Lord's Prayer.) Amazingly, I was able to answer most of her questions and help her understand. It's crazy to think that a year ago, I had just gotten my mission call, found out I was going to Romania and would be speaking Romanian, and didn't know one word! And now I talk to people every single day! It blows my mind! I am SO grateful for this opportunity to be here. Even though there are a good amount of days, I think it would be easier to just go home, I know it'll be so worth it in the end. The things I have learned here are so priceless. The gospel of Jesus Christ is priceless. I can feel my love for the people in Romania and Moldova growing each day and it's such an amazing feeling! I know I will be forever changed. 

On to funny stories of the week....so there is this pretty creepy guy that came to our English class all of last transfer and we tried to avoid him as much as we could. We were contacting last night and all of a sudden, Sora goes, English guy on bench! And of course I whip around and look. Thankfully he was looking away and we just BOOK it and are like, don't look back!!! That literally happens SO often. We have to just ignore and run away from men and crazy people. Most of the time, when we are contemplating whether to talk to someone or not, we just look at each other and go, "Crazy or not?" lol. Speaking of crazy, I think WE went a little crazy this week. There were several nights we just couldn't stop crying/laughing over the STUPIDEST things. We really hope our neighbors don't hate us, loud annoying Americans haha. Haven't gotten any complaints...yet! 

Random Pics:
Morning studies with the water!
Chinizoaca in her natural habitat...

Our church building!

Anyway! I love you, am praying for you, thinking of you, hope the best for you! Enjoy the sun!

Yours truly, 
Sora Hovey