Transfer 5, Week 6

Hello everyone!!!!! I am happy to report that this week I felt MUCH better than last so thank you for all your love, support, and prayers!!!!

First off, transfers are happening this week and I'm staying in Galati for the next 6 weeks (at least) with Sora Parker!!!! I'm so excited because I love her so much!! We're pretty much best friends and laughing all the time and having a great time! 

We had an amazing week this week! We really tried to work our butts off and it seems like we were rewarded. We started meeting with Marcela (an older lady who showed up to church one day.) She loved our meetings and actually told us that she had a dream that she was sitting at a long table with Jesus and they were both in white and he hugged her afterwards. It is really interesting how so many Romanian have dreams like this! They really believe in dreams and think that they are visions and that they mean certain things. Anyway, she came to church again and loved it! We will be meeting with her more this week.

Also, about 5 minutes before Sacrament Meeting started, our other investigator, Marcela #2, just runs in and is like "Fetele!!!" (girls!!!) She told us that she goes to the countryside every weekend to visit her parents so we never expected to see her at church! She only stayed for about 15 minutes but we were so shocked that she came after she told us she couldn't and we were just so happy!!! We had a meeting scheduled with her earlier in the week, but she cancelled on us about 5 min before because she got tied up at work. We also randomly saw her during the week on our way to the church and she was so happy to see us. I'm so glad we had those other times that we got to see her, otherwise I would have thought she was just trying to avoid us lol. 

We also met this really cool lady the other night when we were contacting. We saw her and were both like, let's go talk to her!! So we did and we talked about the importance of families and I calmed down her baby when she started to cry so I think that made her like us even more hahah. Anyway, she said she'd be interested in learning more about what we believe so we got her number and will probably try to meet up with her at some point this week! 

Some funny stories...this gross stray dog followed us one day while we were contacting for about 2 hours!!!! I'm really not a dog person so I was just freaking out the whole time hahah it kept trying to rub against us and we kept trying to lose it but it kept coming back....ughhhhh.

Another day, we wanted to try these things called Kazookie's which is like cookie dough and then you cook it almost all the way so it's still doughy inside and then top it with ice cream!!! Well we ended up eating a few too many....and I kept having to stop and sit down along the road we were walking on cuz I thought I was gonna throw up!! I definitely learned my lesson!!!!

Un-captioned random pics:

That's about it for this week! We're taking a 2 week break from English and will start up again after that!! Love you all so much. I hope that you're enjoying your summer so far!!! Stay safe and happy and healthy. Know that I'm praying for you. Love you all!!!!

Yours truly,

Sora Hovey