Transfer 5, Week 3

Hello friends and family!!!!! Here I am yet again!!!! :)

Happy June!!!!! Wow!!!! SO....always a weather update. The beginning of the week was WICKED hot. Like....WICKED. Pouring sweat and stuff. It was almost in the 30's!!!!!! (it was in the mid to high 80s all week) and then it went to pouring rain the rest of the week....weirdest weather ever. But it's summer here, so it's been super fun!! So many people outside to talk to and stuff.

We started English classes this week. Surprisingly we had a really good turnout on Tuesday and it was really fun. All but one of the people who showed up were Incep─âtor (beginner) so that means we got to teach!!!! They didn't all come back on Saturday (sad) but we texted them all again to come tomorrow so hopefully they will!!!!! I really do love teaching English most of the time. It's really fun!!! We played head, shoulders, knees and toes last class and all the adults got a kick out of it ;) We just like to have fun!!!!! Right before class, there was only one creepy guy in the room for a while with all us missionaries. Sora Parker and I are just sitting there talking and he holds up his phone and takes a picture of us!!!! Right after, he pretends to do something with his phone so we couldn't yell at him or anything....I wish I knew how to call someone a creep/pervert...I guess that wouldn't be too Christlike though. Oh well! If he does anything more creepy I'm kicking him out of my class. I don't put up with nasties!!! 
I had an exchange with Sora Bynum this week!!! It was so fun but so weird at the same time. The last time we were together was in the MTC so it was a little weird to be real missionaries in real life for a day! SO fun though! We did our studies outside by the water (which Sora Parker and I want to start doing as soon as it stops raining) saw some lions outside the circus that was packing up, and just had a lot of fun!!! I miss her so much and it was so great to be with her again.



Weird/nasty moment of the week: We were walking to visit some members and we passed by this man who was squatting right next to the sidewalk with his pants down......just taking a dump. I am so scarred. EWWWW!!!!!!!
Also....sad moment of the week. We saw a little gypsy girl (probably 4 or 5) smoking a cigarette butt while siting on her mom's lap on a bench. I was horrified. I wish I could have done something about it, but I couldn't and it was the most frustrating thing. We see stuff like that so often here but I don't think I'll ever get used to it or not let it phase me. 

Let's see.....so there's this woman from Spain that lives in our block who speaks English and we see her allllll the time. Her name's Sarah and has one English parent and one Spanish parent so she speaks both fluently. Her husband just got moved here for work and she doesn't speak a lick of Romanian so she's always happy to see us. We get to visit her sometimes and yesterday we made cookies for her and her daughter and we we went upstairs to bring them to them. As we were getting out of the elevator, we saw her getting in so we all ran back to her apartment and talked for a little bit and got to meet her husband and stuff. Literally the sweetest people ever!!! We parted ways and awkwardly met up again on our way out but then they offered to drive us to the church because we were going to walk. We were shocked!!! Romanians would just never do that....I literally wanted to cry it was so sweet and I felt so loved for the first time in a while hahah. 


This cute American looking bakery we found!!!! It was really good...

We got a basil plant!!! Oh...and my hair's brown again!!!

So.....I'm basically a genius. The band broke off of my watch so I took a hair elastic and cut it, threaded it through the watch, and superglued it again. Voila!!! So easy and so cute!!!! Are you proud of me? hahaha

Trying to take an artsy picture hahaha. Morning studies on the water!

Language study!!! GAH!!!!

I just want you all to know that I love and miss you so much!!!! I have already learned so much on my mission so far and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Even though it's very trying sometimes and has been a test of my faith, I know there's no other place I'm meant to be. I've grown so much in so many ways but not changed!!! I'm still the same old crazy me (as I'm sure you can probably tell.) Anyway, I hope you have amazing weeks. I'm praying for you!!!! Love love love!!!!!

<3 Sora Hovey