Transfer 5, Week 4

Dragii mei!! 
I've got a lot of info to cover so sorry if you get bored reading this hahah. Alrighty then...let's get started. 

Last week was quite eventful!! First off, I had a great time in Moldova the last 2 days!!!! It was so fun!!!! We pretty much traveled for 10 hours straight by maxi taxi after church on Sunday...long but pretty fun rides. The ride from Iasi to Chisinau was one of the most beautiful routes I've ever traveled. 
We got in pretty late, checked into our hotel and hit the hay.
Our hotel room
We got up early to get ready for Zone Conference, had a very Romanian breakfast at the hotel, then headed over to the church!
Breakfast...Salam, cascaval, placinte cu cartofi si brânză, portocale, prajitori. 
It was an amazing conference. It's the last time I'll see the Hills because we're getting a new Mission President in 2 weeks. It was a very spiritual and uplifting experience. I was asked to sing a musical number a week beforehand....and I agreed, but did so kicking and screaming along the way. I figure I better get comfortable singing in front of people if I want to be a performer hahah. I sang "How Great Thou Art" and everyone loved it...I guess i did alright.

The Hills!!! 

Our District with the Hills
Sora Parker and I!! Besties!!!
Sora Bird
Then we explored Chisinau a little bit before we headed to the home of The Shwartz's, the senior missionary couple stationed there. We played games with Sevgay, a member who got kicked out of her house  so she's staying with them as well, then crashed!!
With the Shwartz's
Sevgay and Sora Shwartz

They made us an awesome breakfast in the morning and then we headed back on a maxi taxi back to Iasi. I had to pee soooooooo bad on the way back so we asked the driver to stop and thankfully he did. But He stopped at a gas station where the toilet was a hole in the ground....NORMAL.
The Maxi Taxi ride.  We bought out the whole thing!
Grapes in our mouths...we look like Who's!!!!  Hahahaha
The hole...

We got back to Iasi, ate a little bit, then headed back on the train to Galati. OmyGosh!!!!! As we were walking to go get food these two little boys (around 7 or 8 years old I'm guessing) ran right up to Sora Parker and I and FLASHED us!!!!!! My mouth literally dropped open I was so in shock hahah. I thought they were just trying to stop us to ask for money or something but NOPE. It was something else hahahha. 

Back to last week before the trip....
I literally had the best lesson I've ever had in my mission so far one night. We went to this woman's place (a new investigator I still hadn't met because she's been out of town since I got here.) Marcela. Sweetest lady ever. Apparently in past lessons she hadn't wanted to pray because she felt too unworthy. I was having some trouble understanding her when we first got there, but the second we started talking about the gospel the Spirit was just like BOOM and I understood everything. We talked a lot about the Atonement and we read Alma 36 together (my fav chapter in the BOM.) It's time to end and she offers to say the prayer!!!!! It was so beautiful! I started crying and I just felt this overwhelming love for her it was crazy. GAHHH it's times like these when I am so glad I came on the mission. If I hadn't, my life would just be so....unfulfilled I feel like. 

We had several lessons this past week with less active and active members that all went great!!! I love our little branch here and all the women in it. They are all so strong it amazes me!! We did however, have an interesting experience when we went to visit a woman, Denisa, with the Elders. She had just called them, asking to pay her a visit. We agreed to go with them, not knowing that she's completely crazy......First off her voice sounded like Minnie Mouse so I couldn't even concentrate on what she was saying because she just sounded like a cartoon character speaking Romanian....I was trying really hard not to laugh. Then told us all these ridiculous stories and wanted to know why she isn't welcomed at church anymore and we obviously had no idea.....We tried to get in and out as fast as we could and now the Elders are trying to solve the problem....we'll see what happens!!!!

We pretty much had a fail English class on Sunday cuz only a few people showed up. But I sang my song as the Spiritual thought to practice for the conference and it went pretty well. I really hope the class picks up again but since it's summer here for students and pretty hot already, I don't know if we'll be getting as good of a turnout. Oh well!!! All we can do is keep trying!!! That's all I do here. Try, try, try. Fail, then try again. It's so good. 

Random Pics:
Italian meal we made....we're too fancy!!! Funny that that meal probably cost us like 3 American dollars total!!!
Man with purse....

Well, that's about it! Sorry for the mouthful!! It'll be shorter next week I promise :) I love you all like crazy. Keep going, be strong, get ready for summer!!!!!!! Enjoy the beach for me ;) 

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey