Transfer 5, Week 2

Bună seara voi toți!!!

Since I sent my last email on Wednesday I guess this will only cover from Thursday till today!! This week felt like it didn't even happen. It rained on Wednesday and then it's just been HOT since then. I'm dying. I feel like it was yesterday that I was buried in snow and freezing my butt off. But now I'm SWEATING my butt off! Craziness. Summer has arrived in Romania! 

Wednesday, we were going to have a picnic as a district, but as I said before, it was raining. So, we found a little spot under an overpass and made do hahah. Weirdest picnic I've ever had, but hey! It worked! Then we just hung out at the church, singing and playing the piano and guitar because we took our pday that day. It felt so nice to just rest for a little bit after all our traveling. 
Sketchy Picnic!

Thursday and Friday we had some 30/30 lessons with a woman, Madalina. She's preparing for an English test that she has to pass to go to Canada to be with her husband, so we helped her with that and also talked to her about the gospel too. They went pretty well and I got to talk all about my family whsich is always great :) We were supposed to have another lesson with a woman, Marcela, but she cancelled on us last minute :( Hopefully we'll get to meet her this week. Speaking of this week, it's going to be pretty busy! We're starting our English classes this week, teaching Beginner again. Not too ecstatic about that because it was pretty hard last transfer, but I'm sure it'll be fine. We are also having our exchange with the STL's this week. Sora Bynum is coming down from Iasi for that! I can't wait to be reunited yet again!!! We hope to be meeting with more people this week- members, investigators, and less active members included! 

We did some "normal people" contacting this week which was really fun. We just wore normal clothes and sang English songs while playing the guitar on the faleza right by the Danube. I had a really good conversation with a woman about English and why I'm here and stuff. I invited her to English so hopefully we see her tomorrow! Even though I didn't understand all of what she said, it is still amazing to me that not too long ago, I had never heard a Romanian word in my life before. The language continues to frustrate me because I just want to understand and be able to say everything but I guess I have to learn patience or something.....urgggh. I'm working my brains off trying to get better and better every day. Time is a crazy thing isn't it. Anyway!!

On Saturday I got a call from Elder Collsion, who is the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency here, that the Branch President wanted me to give a talk at church the next day -____- thanks for the short notice dude hahaha. I wasn't that freaked out though. I basically just read a story about hope and shared some scriptures and my testimony. Spoke for a solid 9 minutes and only said "um" 10 times. They hate it when you say "um" here.....it's an English habit. Oops! I really tried!! Everybody complimented me after....but I still don't know if they were just being nice or not hahah. Either way, thanks!! I also found out that the only kid in the Branch, Liviu, has a major crush on me hahah. Normal! I've now got a little boyfriend here. LOL! Church is really fun with 5 members. Weird but super fun.

My new boyfriend!! Hahaha
And don't forget Ryan Gosling... another one of my boys. This one's for you Emma ;) So random!
Today was pretty nice. It was boiling but we looked around some second hand shops in Gypsyville hahah they're a little more ghetto than American second hand shops....and went to the outdoor Piațas for produce. I love getting food there! These are some of the times when I'm just like wow...I'm in Romania??!! Weird. Hahah

Random pics:

Sora Parker and I
Hawaiian Haystacks with our District, Mmmmmmm 
Abandoned theater behind the church....I just want to jump out the window onto that stage sometimes!!!
Anyway, that's about it for this week. I love you all and hope you had an amazing Memorial Day! We made peach cobbler to celebrate! Yeah America!!! Have a great week and talk to you next week!
Yours truly, 
Sora Hovey