Transfer 5, Week 1

Hey y'all!!!! This week will be pretty short because I don't have that much time!!! I'll just put a ton pics up and put descriptions up with them. Sorry!!! SO much happened this week it's crazy!!
Roxana took us out for dinner to say goodbye and brought me flowers!!! It was so sweet and we had such a good time. I love her and will miss her so much!! It was probably the hardest part of leaving Bucuresti but it's good that I'll be able to see her whenever I go back.

The day before transfer day and transfer day!!! I went out to eat with Sora Kelly and her parents and got to take all the visitors around Bucuresti! It was so sad to say goodbye to Sora Kelly but we are going to stay in touch so I'm not too worried about my mommy not being here anymore. (We call our trainers mom and dad here lol) It was so awesome to see so many people from my MTC group again! Reunited and happy as ever!!!
Goodbye Sora Fletcher!!!! I'll miss you!!!!

Sora Kelly, my "mom" going home

Sisters from my MTC group
Sora Kelly and my matching toothbrush holders.
More transfer day at the Gara waiting for our trains to leave. It was SO cold for some reason so that's why I'm wearing the sweatshirt.....

Okay lots of randoms....this is in Galati with my new comp Sora Parker! I love her so much!!! We literally just have so much fun together. We're always laughing. Church was an adventure...we have like 5 members legit and I am the Relief Society counselor. But I love it! Galati is so beautiful. The Danube river runs through it and we live right next to it. We get to go running next to it all the time and the Faleza feels just like Downtown Plymouth...it's beautiful. 

Okay so one night we left our phone at the church and so our District Leader tried to call us to see if we were home and safe and we obviously didn't answer....thankfully another set of Elders live right by us so we were just gonna run over and tell them that we were okay before they had to come check on us. We got our pepper spray and were ready to go out but they knocked on our door right before we left. We DID get some good pics with our pepper spray before that though....lol!!!

Okay these pics are from a really funny story.....We're walking down the Faleza on Sunday afternoon doing some contacting and we just happen to be walking in the bike lane because it was so crowded. This one biker is coming towards me and I realize that he's not moving.....so I kind of freak out and try to step to the side. There just happens to be this huge jagged bump and crack in the path which is why the biker didn't move, and of course I trip over it and start to fall....Elder Collison was standing right in front of me and all I remember is trying to grab onto his suspenders as I'm falling but they just snapped back hahah. OF COURSE there's a ditch/cliff thing where the path ends so I fall head first into it and I'm pretty sure I flashed the world because my feet went flying into the air....Yeah I completely ate it. Elder Collison was so good and reached right down and pulled me up so it was a fast recovery but I tore up my foot and it was gushing blood for about the next hour. And of course the embarrassment of everybody watching and stuff....my district will never let me forget this...EVER hahaha.

And this is my ridiculous foot tan!!!!! I love it!!!!!
 I got to go to Iasi yesterday for a Zone Training meeting!!! It was so fun!!! I got to see so many familiar faces and places. It was SOOO awesome. I saw Nicu, a friend of the missionaries, members there, and many missionary friends. Sorry for the goofy pics....we were just having so much fun!!!!

Iasi looks a little different with the sun and no snow doesn't it!!!!! District picture in front of Palas!!!
That's it for this week!!! I love you all to the moon and back. I love being a missionary! There's no place I'd rather be. Stay safe and happy for me :) Till next week....

Yours Truly,
Sora Hovey