Transfer 4, Week 5

Hellooooo everyone!!!
Just a few highlights from this week....it was about half and half sunny and rainy. I REALLY enjoyed the sunny days. I got a little sun but I can't wait to get my tan on. WOO!! It's pouring again today though :( Oh well....
Beautiful Day!!

We had a couple of random lessons that we weren't planning on so that made up for all the people that cancelled on us. One was with a girl who randomly showed up to the church about a month ago but never showed up to the lesson we had scheduled afterwards. She happened to come to our English class on Tuesday and wanted to meet again. She showed up this time, much to our surprise and we introduced the Book of Mormon to her. She really liked it and wants to continue to learn more. We still don't know how flaky she is so we may or may not see her again. Only time will tell! We also weren't planning on meeting Roxana this week but she called us up one night and said that she was at the church with her Dad because he was helping out with a lesson. She wanted us to stop by so we did and had an awesome lesson with her about Jesus Christ. We met with Elena as well and had a really really good lesson with her. My Romanian is really improving and I think it's mostly because of her. I love her so much!!
Me and Elena!!!
 Our last lesson was with a woman who randomly walked into the church on Sunday. She wanted to pray because she was having an operation this week ( the church building is right next to a hospital.) We ended up having the sweetest lesson with her! She has 4 children and no money so she's really scared about the operation going well. She wasn't begging or asking for anything which made us want to help her even more. We taught her that we don't need to go to a church to pray, that we can pray anytime, anywhere, using our own words. She was really impressed to hear that and then offered one of the most beautiful prayers I've ever heard. We sent her away with our number and a pliant explaining what our church believes. We hope to hear from her again! Please pray that her operation goes well this Tuesday!

Of course every week, there's a funny story....this weeks was on Wednesday. I painted my nails in the morning and they hadn't quite finished drying so I got the bright idea to blow dry my nails. What I had forgotten was that when I was cleaning earlier, I had dropped the plug that was plugged into the converter plug into the toilet by accident and I guess it hadn't finished drying either. So I go to plug it in, pretty much blew up and the electricity goes off in our apartment. Oops. We get on the phone with our Proprietar who is trying to explain to us how to get it back on from the power box in the hallway. It was pretty confusing and it wasn't working so we decided to head up to the office (which is an hour away) to get some help and also because we had to get some things anyway. The office Elders call our Proprietar and he tells them it might be the box inside our apartment then. So we finally get back home, and miraculously fix everything. By this point, half of our day is blown just because I wanted to blow dry my nails on the way out the door hahah.

We also tried to do a little "Family History contacting" this week with some of our Elders. We drew a huge family tree and "Gasiti-va stromosii!" (Find your ancestors!) with chalk on the ground and talked to people about it that were passing by. We didn't have any people that were too interested but ended up having some pretty good conversations.
Family history contacting.
Elder Hokkanen playing his guitar.
Both of our English classes went great this week. I love teaching Beginner. It's hard because it's SO much Romanian, but it's been teaching me a lot. There's one woman who always laughs at me and tells me that I don't understand anything she says ever. Which I do, but I can't ever think of a good comeback quick enough so I just continue to look at her stupidly hahahah oh well.  Otherwise, it's really good!!! Only one more week of English! Then transfers! I'll know next week where I'll be going. I'm pretty sure I'm staying where I am but we think that Sora Fletcher will be leaving since she's already been here for 3 transfers. We'll see. I'll be saying goodbye to Sora Kelly too as she's finishing her mission in about a week! I'll be sending lots of pics! They'll probably be really sad! 

Pictures of our dinner at Sora Gorzo's house:
Sora Gorzo's house
1st course
2nd course
3rd course
Dessert!! That cake was full of rum hahahah. As everything sweet here is....
Fletch and me during dinner at Sora Gorzo's house.

The office couple, the Bakers are going home this week. Goodbye Sora Baker! I'll miss you.

That's about it for this week! I'm really looking forward to skyping with my family this weekend! I can't believe it's already Mother's Day! I love my mommy!!! Here's a shout out to all you amazing women in my life! I love you and couldn't have done it without you. I love being a missionary and life is great! Till next week....
Yours truly,
Sora Hovey