Transfer 4, Week 6

Happy Mother's Day again!!!! I owe everything to my mom!!! It was so great to talk to my family on Saturday!!!!! I miss you all SOOO much!! I wish I could have talked to every single one of you too but it was almost impossible to even talk to all of my family lol....Soon enough!
Also, the transfer board came out on Saturday and guess what's happening......I'm leaving Buc and going to Galati!!!!!!!!! (note from mom--Galati="Galatz")With Sora Parker!!!!! She's just finishing being trained right now so I'll be the older one...crazy huh??!! Didn't I just get here? I'm sure I'l have LOTS of adventures to report this next transfer. I was pretty sad to find out I was leaving since I thought that I'd be stuck here forever but it's gonna be so great!!! Sora Kelly has been staying with me the past few days since she's going home this week! Her parents are coming to pick her up tomorrow and they're gonna take us out to eat. It'll be so cool to meet them! They're gonna travel around Romania for the rest of the week and then she'll be home for good. So crazy.

Yesterday was a little sad becasue I had to say goodbye to everyone. I cried sitting next to Roxana in Sacrament Meeting. I just love her so much and I have such a strong connection with her despite the language barrier. I am now a strong believer in love as it's own language! We made her a photo album of us and her baptism and stuff and she loved it!!! She and her dad are taking us out for dinner tonight to say goodbye to me. They are so sweet!! The good thing is that I will definitely be coming back to Buc again at least every couple transfers or so, so I can meet up with her anytime basically!!! It'll be awesome.

Anyway, this week felt really long but I don't know why exactly....we got bunged on all of our lessons that we had scheduled. That was a little disappointing but everybody has their free agency to choose right? We can't control others actions, but we can control our reactions!!! And I choose to be happy and still have faith that they will want to meet with us. Fingers crossed! 

We did some "graffiti contacting" this week which was really fun! Everybody who walked by loved it and we handed out cards with the church's Romanian website, SUNTMORMON.RO on them. We talked to a ton of people that day and it was just a lot of fun. 

We also visited one of the members, Mirella, one night. She is so strong and her mom is the sweetest old lady. Her mom isn't a member but she usually sits and listens to our lessons when we come over which is really cool.
Mirela, her mom, and me!!
We finished up our English classes this week and I said goodbye to all of our students that I've just grown to love so much!! One of my favorite women in our class came up to me before she left and told me that she will miss my smile and my "open and loving soul." One of the nicest things anybody's ever said to me!!! I will miss our class a lot! I know I'll love the people in Galati just as much though :) One girl walked into our English classes looking for a place to pray! She stayed for English and then we talked to her a bit after it ended. She was really cool but didn't know if she could meet to often because she lives a couple hours out of the city but we'll see!!! We also talked to a guy who is actually an English teacher here for 45 minutes on the street last night! He had so many questions!! And it was cool becuase he was talking to us in English so I was able to come up with some intelligent answers for once hahah. They were some pretty cool experiences.

Tomorrow night we will be hosting the new missionaries coming into the country and I am so excited!!!!! I still haven't decided whether I'm going to scare them or be really sweet........JK!!! We're gonna make them pancakes and make them feel like they can do anything!!! It's definitely gonna be better than my first night in the country! I took a shower in a trickle of water at like 10 pm after all of our hours and hours of traveling because they had just moved into the apartment that morning and didn't know it was broken yet. I cried while I was in it hahah. Nope, not our girls!!!
Random Pics:
A Classic "Baba" (note from mom--remember, old woman who wears scarf around head)

I finally finished JESUS THE CHRIST, an 800 page book. So good! But so long!!!

The Tramvai

Our Relief Society!
Well that's about it for this week. I'll talk to you next week from Galati!!!!! Have an amazing week and know that God loves you unconditionally!!!!!! You are his child and he wants you to be happy. Loves!!!!
Yours truly,

Sora Hovey