Transfer 4, Week 2

Okay so let's see....this week wasn't too eventful. I guess I'll go through each day and see if anything interesting happened.

Oh! The weather has been really weird this week. Glorious and sunny. Then days of FREEZING cold rain. Mostly the latter , unfortunately. On one of the nice days our whole district was contacting in a park and all of a sudden, a tiny bug flew into Elder Hokkanen's eye. He starts freaking out and is like someone get it out of my eye! Of course I start trying to get it out because everyone else is like ewww no. Anyway he's really tall so it just wasn't working and took me about 5 minutes to dig it out of the crease in his eye while all these missionaries are just staring and rooting me on. It was a pretty funny scene...I also ate a whole pizza by myself this week. It was pretty impressive. And I almost threw up. But it was totally worth it. 
Contacting in the Park
The ghetto metrou trains
On Wednesday we had 2 lessons in one day!! It was awesome! One was with an amazing less active woman, Stefania. She is so strong in the gospel it's crazy. She just hasn't been able to come to church for the longest time because she takes care of her sick parents way out in the countryside every weekend. So sad!! But we are giving her all the love and support we can! The other lesson was with Elena, the member who helps us with our Romanian. We talked to her a lot about service and why we put so much emphasis on it in our church. Then we just had a conversation with her and she corrected everything we said wrong. It was probably the most helpful thing I've done since I've been out here. She helped us figure out better ways to say certain sentences so that we make more sense which was AWESOME. I'm really working hard on the language this transfer so hopefully I start to see some improvements. 

Thursday was an awful day. Like.....awful. It was pouring and freezing first of all. We did some block knocking but nobody was home so it was pretty lame. Then....we got lost. For over an hour. In the freezing, pouring rain!!!!!! So we missed that lesson and set up for next week (hopefully we will be able to find it then) then ran to the church for a lesson with Dana who never showed up. And she's been avoiding our calls and texts since then. We were pretty down about it for a while. I love her so much! Rejection always hurts, especially when it's someone you've really come to love and have a relationship with. We drug our feet home that night....soaked and chilled to the bone but ready to start our exchange with the Sister Training Leaders! 

I had my exchange with Sora Deruvo who is from Italy! She made us this amazing pasta dish with raw eggs....don't ask me what it was called but it was really good. The next day we had a really fun exchange and I learned so much from her!!! We put up a ton of posters for English but it poured again the next day so our efforts were pretty much all wasted. Speaking of English....Sora Fletcher and I are teaching beginner this transfer starting tomorrow!!!! Needless to say, I'm freaking out just a little bit. The whole class is taught in Romanian....wish me luck!!! Hopefully I can just be comic relief and people will want to stay because I make them laugh at least. 

We helped move some work out equipment into the basement of the church as well and it was crazy how many comments we got! The Branch President wouldn't let us carry anything because we were girls!! I was like dude, I'm stronger than half of the boys here.....sad but true. While we're on that subject, I've been doing 50 push ups everyday for about the past month!! SO I ended up carrying half the stuff anyway! One of the machines is like a belt with these things on it that you put around your butt and turn it on and it goes crazy hahaha it's called the cellulite blaster!!! It was the strangest thing I've ever seen.....normal Romania haha! 

Our Branch is also having an Easter program this Thursday night with singing and speakers and clips of the Bible videos from lds.org that I somehow became in charge of. The 2nd and 3rd hours of church this past Sunday were spent practicing all the songs for it hahaha pretty funny. Church sometimes just isn't the same as it is in the States. But anyway, I can now say I've led a choir in Romanian! Crazy, huh?

Today was spent Spring Cleaning!!! Exciting huh? I don't think the missionaries in this apartment  in the past 20 years have done their spring cleaning day though.....some of it was pretty nasty. 
Spring Cleaning Day!  Stuck in the elevator with a million boxes
20 Years of dirt on the balcony!!  Nasty!!
I'm obsessed with soda water!!!  I hated it when I came here, but now I drink it like soda.
 Anyway, sorry this week was a little lame. I'm really excited for Easter this Sunday!!! The Easter greeting around here is, "Hristos a înviat!" And you respond with,  "Cu adevărat a înviat!" It's pretty cool! I love it. I guess I'll just leave with my testimony that I know Jesus Christ lives! He died for me and today, He lives for me. For every person who has ever and will ever live. I know this in my heart and my head and my fingers and toes! He lives!! Have an amazing week. I love you all.

Yours Truly,
Sora Hovey