Transfer 4, Week 4

Hey there! Wow these weeks are just flying by. Has the weather been as dreary back home as it has been here? Rainy days: GO AWAY!!!! A lot happened this week!!! Last Monday was "Ice-cream Day" so we got free cones at McDonalds!! Woo!!! Don't worry, that's not the most exciting thing that happened this week lol.
Free ice cream day!
My soda is a little bigger than Sora Fletcher's..
 Tuesday, we had an amazing lesson with Stefania, our less active member that we meet with every week. We talked about the Holy Ghost and she just understands everything so well! I wish every member was like her. She loves us and is always so happy when we come over. She talks so much and we barely say a word but for some reason she loves our company! We also met with another woman, Sora Simonescu, which we do pretty regularly. Our lessons usually go the same way. Romanians certainly love to talk. All they need is a head nod and they're off for another 10 minutes. She is honestly one of the sweetest people ever though! We love her to death as well! Our English class that night was a bit all over the place but we made up for it with an awesome lesson on Saturday. We just play a lot of games and make them laugh. It's a really good time!!! I really enjoy teaching beginner. It's a struggle but so fun. 

We tried out "family history contacting" this week and it was actually pretty cool. We haven't had any huge successes with it but people are pretty interested to hear about it. They barely just opened up the records of Romanian people to the church so that Romanians can find their ancestors through FamilySearch so it's been a pretty big deal for the missionaries and members here! We are now offering classes to help people make their family trees and stuff so we've just been talking to lots of people and asking them if they would be interested in finding their ancestors! Most of the people we talk to say that they've never completed a family tree for themselves or anything- it's so crazy! Hopefully we can help them :)

We finally met with Dana, our Muslim investigator, again! I thought she had disappeared off the face of the earth but she was just busy with exams. It wasn't the best lesson ever because she invited some friends and they kind of just wanted to know why we didn't believe in the Qaran (sorry don't know how to spell it.) But, it was still really good to see her again. Hopefully her friends don't show up this week and we can have a real lesson with her and give her the Arabic Book of Mormon we got her!! We got bunged by another lady twice this week.

We got a call from the missionaries in Cluj saying that a member there wanted us to meet with this woman, Alina, in Buc. So we called her up and she miraculously wanted to meet with us. She didn't show up that night so we called and her husband answered. He set up for the next day for her because she was at work haha. She didn't show then either so we'll call her this week. The culture is so different in that way! People just don't show up when you've made appointments and arrangements to meet them, and it's not a big deal. That would never happen in America! You'd at least call and say you couldn't make it, right? Apparently, you just get used to it. Sora Fletcher wasn't even surprised or sad like I was hahaha.

The weekend was a bit of a blur because it was District Conference for all the members in and around Bucharest. We had a wicked sweet lesson with Roxana and I got to teach her some piano! She gave us some Easter chocolate and we helped her fill out her family tree. I seriously love her more than anything. She has been such an amazing member and she can't wait to go to the temple with her dad next year! 
Anyway, we ended up having to watch kids during the Saturday night session of Conference so we missed it but heard it was good. Afterwards, we were invited to go eat at the Lee's house. They are the Korean family that lives here! They barely speak English and no Romanian so it's always a bit of a struggle to communicate, but the food was amazing and we all had a great time. It was just some other sister missionaries and us and one senior couple and President and Sora Hill. We see them so often it's crazy. I love it though! They are both really cool people and I call Sora Hill all the time about questions and just to talk! They're leaving in 8 weeks so I'll miss them a ton!
Dinner at the Lees!  So good!

The Lees are master ping-pongers!
 Sunday was just crazy because of the Conference. In the morning, we helped set up a clothes drive. Literally everything disappeared off the tables in like .5 seconds. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. The people here literally have nothing and are so desperate for anything. We know that half of the stuff people took would be too big or too small but it didn't matter, they just needed clothes. It was so humbling for me to be a part of. I have everything back home. Everything! I will never complain about "not having anything to wear" ever again!

Also, we found out that Yanko, a 13 year old gypsy boy who is a member of the church GOT MARRIED this week!!!! He brought his 13 year old wife to church and they were so awkward. It was an arranged marriage, part of the gypsy culture here but I was just so horrified and upset. They are literally just children and he wasn't even with her half the time. She look so lost and confused so Sora Fletcher and I stayed with her mostly. I have no idea what e details are but I just feel so bad for them. Things here continue to shock and surprise me daily. I don't believe the missionaries when they say I'll get used to it hahaha. I don't think so! I am so privileged and lucky to live in a situation where I can choose my own spouse at whatever age I want. I can't even imagine what life would be like if I had been born here. It is so crazy to think about.

Random Pics:
Just some guys bringing a casket into an apartment!! Creepy!! They keep the dead person in their houses for a few days here.
The cellulite blaster....I need it!

I don't even know...we were so disgusted.

These are of Elder Rodenberg....just reminded me of what happens when missionaries come to our house back home hahah

 I guess that's about it for this week. Thanks for taking the time to read about little old me! I hope that you are all safe and happy and are enjoying life! I love you all!
Yours truly,
Sora Hovey