Transfer 4, Week 3

Paște Fericit!
Happy Easter everyone!!! This week was a little crazy....a little weird....but good? Hahah. Tuesday was mostly spent cleaning this NASTY apartment that is being closed down. The last missionaries left it so rancid it's not even funny. Our district got the job of cleaning it all up...yay us!!!! The proprietars were SO nice though. The place was so gross but they were just like, they're just young boys, we understand....so nice!! 
Somebody left their diarrhea pills in the apartment hahaha
They are also being taught the gospel by an older senior couple with some other missionaries to translate for them. It's a really cool situation because the senior couples don't get to teach people all that much because of the language barrier. Later that night we had our first English class! It was SO fun!! I really like teaching beginner. It's a little rough because of all the Romanian I have to speak but I survived! It's way more fun than advanced because I actually teach stuff at the board and say "repeat after me...." and stuff. Wicked awesome. I love it!!! Their accents are so cute!! Hahah. Also, that night a man asked me if I was chinizoica (normal) and then kissed my hand. Awkward! I guess he likes Chinese girls? Anyway...we didn't have as many students on Saturday because Easter was the next day. Hopefully we'll have more next week!

Then Wednesday....MY 6 MONTH MARK!!!!! WOO!!!!!! It was pouring rain but I still celebrated with a chocolate gogoși!! It's so crazy...I'm a third of the way done! I can't believe it. I already have less than a year now. Watch out!!! I'll be home before you know it! The rest of the week poured. And poured. And poured. And I got really sick....a sinus infection or something so I spent a little time recovering here and there throughout the week. But I was just really out of it mostly. All of the lessons we had planned cancelled on us because of the rain!!! What they don't understand is that we can't stay inside when they cancel on us! It means we have to be outside during the time that we could have been inside visiting with them hahaha. Oh well....

We had lots of choir practice this week to prepare for our Easter program. We didn't have a pianist at one of them so guess who played the right hand for all the songs....that's right...me!!! I really wish I had kept learning piano when I was younger....sorry Mom! Siblings- Learn! It might be very useful on your missions hahaha. Anyway, the 10 missionaries who made up most of the choir were late because we had all gone to eat at an Italian restaurant beforehand to celebrate someone's birthday and there was A TON of traffic. The Assistants were driving us in "Moby" the mission van and were in bumper to bumper stopped traffic. We literally came in on two wheels- I was holding onto the hand thing that's on the ceiling and I swiveled all the way around hahah I almost died but we ran in and started shortly after. Some of our English students came which was really exciting! We talked to them afterwards and they weren't very interested in meeting with us but they liked the program!

We also had interviews with President and Sora Hill and the Assistants this week. They went really well! We had to go outside and talk to someone about family history as part of the Assistants part and we ended up contacting a member!!! LOL!!! Probably the only time that will EVER happen for the rest of my time here. She was on her way to have an interview for a temple recommend because President Hill is also the Stake President here.

Okay Easter time!!! We went to a midnight mass at this huge Orthodox church in the center of Buc. It was SO cool!!!

We stood for over an hour inside church waiting for the Archbishop to arrive at midnight with the candle that was lit in Jerusalem. We all had candles and once he arrived, everyone lit each others candles from his. Everyone was going crazy inside the church kissing all the Saints on the walls and kneeling on the ground and praying.
Our Candles!
It was still lit in the morning! My sins are forgiven! (If it goes out before the next morning it's bad luck)

The Archbishop was doing the mass outside so we went outside and listened for a while...in the pouring rain of course. We left for home and rolled in at like 2 am


  Beautiful, peaceful night outside our apartment
We slept in a little and went to church in the morning! We only had an hour of church and the Branch made us all Easter eggs and we all played a game with them! Basically you find someone else and crack the tops of your eggs together. Whoever's egg cracks loses and the winner is the last person left with an uncracked egg! SO fun! Then we went home, ate some lunch and contacted outside for the rest of the day. It was beautiful and everyone was happy! Wooho!!!!
Hello!!! In one of the parks on Easter day

Funny story of the week. One night we got a call from a random number and so I answer in Romanian. This guy goes off about our English classes for a while and I thought the conversation was going really well! SO I go...cum te cheama? (What's your name?) And it sounded like he said Gabi so I said okay Gabi!! ANd he goes no... D- A-V-I-S...it's my family name...and I freaked out because it was Elder Davis!!!!! Totally pulled my leg!!!! They had gotten a new phone so it wasn't saved in our phone. So much for thinking that I was understanding really well hahah.

Random Pics:
English card pyramid
They kept saying "cottage cheese"over and over again. They know the word/thought makes me gag!!!!
Cute stuffed animal!
Anyway. That's it for this week!!! Hope you all had a great Easter with your families!!! Till next week. 

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey