Transfer 4, Week 1

Buna Ziua dragii mei <3

Woo! This week was so busy and passed by like THAT. I don't even know where to begin. Well I guess I'll start with the beginning of the week. We had Sora Rivera and Sora Kelly staying with us most of the week which was super fun!!!!  This week was very social because of transfer day on Wednesday. We had a great pday with everyone and then said goodbye to Elder Koch on Tuesday night. We are going to miss our Russian Elders so much!!! We took tons of pictures!

Behind us in the picture is the second largest building in the world,"Casa Poporului"

Also on Tuesday, a girl randomly dropped into the church and wanted to know more! Super cool. We talked to her for a little bit then set up to meet again. Hopefully she's really interested because we need people to teach! 

We brought Sora Rivera and Elder Lippert to the airport on Wednesday morning because Sora Kelly needed girls to come back with. SAD!!! It was so cool to be able to get to send them off though. Two amazing people. My time to go home seems so far away but it is slowly creeping up on me!

Soras Rivera, Hovey, Kelly, and Fletcher

Elder Lippert

Sora Rivera
Caption from mom: ummmmm, ya.

Elder Lippert gave me a sausage as a going away gift...
...and I found a little gypsy kid who needed it!
 Then we did a huge contacting activity at Piata Unirii with all the missionaries that were in Bucuresti for transfer day. I sang a lot- alto of course!!! They started all the songs really low again so I was basically grumbling the songs by the end but it was still fun haha. I also took a turn to talk to people who were standing around to listen with Sora Bynum!! We talked to some pretty cool people who wanted to come to church! I asked one older man if he had time to talk to us and he said "I have time for girls as pretty as you" LOL!!! It was so awesome to see so many of my MTC peeps. I literally love/miss them so much. I love being in Buc in the middle of everything!! SO awesome!!!! 

The next morning we had leave the house at 6:30 to take Sora Kelly on the metro to a meeting! I literally rolled out of bed, threw on a skirt and shoes and left. I was probably a pretty scary sight hahah. Then said goodbye to her and she headed back up to Iasi. This is her last transfer so it will be really sad to say goodbye to her in 5 weeks now :( Anyway. Such a crazy week. 

We went to go visit a member, Mirela, and her neighbor just happened to be outside and came in because she was interested in us. She stayed the whole lesson and took a Book of Mormon and wants to meet with us again! SO crazy! Heavenly Father is so nice to us ahaha. We had so many tender mercies this week. I loved watching the few sessions of General Conference that I was able to see. I am so grateful for a living prophet and apostles today. They are so wise and have messages specifically for our day! I had many questions answered and was able to feel God's love through his messengers! I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of each and every one of us. I know that we are all entitled to our own personal revelation from God as well. It is amazing to me! 

Okay random thoughts time. The weather has been so weird this week. Sweating and wicked hot one day then freezing cold coat weather the next day. I'm hoping that soon it'll just be the warmer weather...please!!!!! I'm solar powered!!!! I had a hot dog. Little taste of home...And I just had really weird moments this week when I was just like woah. I'm a missionary. I'm living in Romania basically on my own. We pay the bills and deal with the Proprietar and get around and do everything by ourselves. I've worn a skirt almost every day for the past 6 months. Woah. This isn't real life. Is this a dream? Really random but so cool. I love this. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Hurrah for Israel!!!!

Sora Fletcher and I

A boy stopped us on the street and gave us flowers!

P-day Bike Ride!!
I hope you all have an incredible week. I pray for you all often!!! Really though! I ask God to bless and watch over all the people who read my blog hahah. So if you're reading this right now, I got you covered!! I love you all like crazy!!!! Till next week.

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey