Transfer 3, Week 5

Hello everyone!!!!!!!

This week literally flashed by. The beautiful weather has helped A TON. I'm sure these next few months are just going to fly away. I can't believe that next month, I'll have been out on my mission for 6 months! I'll only have a year left on April 16th! So crazy. I feel like I should know a lot more than I do, but I have a feeling that I'll still feel that way for the rest of my mission.
Loving the sun!
 So at the beginning of the week, we decided to "chalk contact." We went in a park and wrote out the question "How happy are you?" in Romanian of course....and then a huge number scale. We asked people to stand where they thought their happiness was at. It was actually a lot of fun and people responded pretty positively to it. We then would talk about why we were here and how they can become even happier through this gospel! We talked to one woman who told us she wasn't very happy at all. She then talked to us about her woes for a while and wanted to meet with us to talk about the church! Hopefully we can help her see that through Christ and through His gospel we can have happiness even through our trials.

"How happy are you?" on a scale from 1-10 contacting :)
  I also went on an exchange with Sora Adams this week, who is super awesome. We started our contacting off with a prayer and I now totally have a testimony of asking Heavenly Father to guide you to people who are ready to hear the gospel! The second woman we approached ended up talking to us on a bench for over an hour!! At one point, she was crying, and told us that the night before, she dreamed of eating grapes. Apparently, when you dream of eating grapes, it means you're going to cry the next day! So she woke up and asked God why she was going to cry that day and as she was talking to us, she said, "This is why!" Ce tare (how cool!) She has a problem with her knees, so we walked her to her bus stop. As we were walking, she told us that we were angels sent to her from God. I actually started tearing up because it's moments like these that I'm so glad I came on a mission. I want to be that angel someone needs. Even if it's just by holding an old woman's arm as I walk her to her bus stop.

The next day, we had zone conference! We had 8 girls in our apartment the night before....let's just say we didn't get much sleep hahaha. Basically half of the mission was gathered at our church building and I got to see my old MTC peeps including Elder Duker, Elder Brown, Elder Bonner, and Sora Bischoff! It was so fun!! We had burritos for lunch and attended a bunch of presentations. The two Russian elders and we (the fearsome foursome) had a good time and we're sad to be split up, as they are going home in a week! No!! Afterwards, we met with Elena, a member who is my age :) We share a short spiritual thought with her, and then she helps us with Romanian. She is an angel. Literally. She's saving me.
The fearsome foursome at zone conference.
Later in the week we had the opportunity to go to the branch farm! It was a lot of work, but so much fun. We had to till a huge portion of land for onions and other vegetables and prepare several other places to be planted. Basically, the farm works as the Bishops Storehouse does in the United States. The Branch prepares and plants and grows on the farm, and then they have the opportunity to reap the benefits when needed. It was so fun to work alongside members and missionaries! I have some pretty nasty blisters on my hands from the hours and hours of shoveling but it was totally worth it. We also enjoyed a feast of oven roasted chickens ripped apart by the hands of the Relief Society President....only in Romania. (Sorry I failed to capture that moment.) The difference in culture continues to shock me daily. However, other missionaries assure me that soon, nothing will surprise me anymore.

 We also have 2 new investigators this week! One really sweet girl, Demi, that we met through English classes and Dana, a Syrian girl. Demi's lesson happened on the fly and it went surprisingly well, with no preparation. The language is starting to click lately, thankfully. I'm hoping it will just keep improving from here. Dana is the sweetest person ever and she doesn't speak Romanian. So guess what! We get to teach her in ENGLISH!!!!!! Praise. She is Muslim but is very interested in learning about our message and wants to attend church next week!! Ce tare. Our English classes are going very well and I love our students. We are always laughing and they don't want me to leave. Which I'm hoping I don't! Transfers are next week and I pretty much begged the Assistants (and bribed them with some delicious zucchini bread....shhhh) to keep Sora Fletcher and I here together in Buc!!!! Please!!!! It's been amazing here! I hope that you all have amazing weeks and know that I love you. But more importantly, that God loves you! Hurrah for Israel!!!

Sora Hovey