Transfer 3, Week 3

Buna Ziua!

I love and miss you all like crazy!!!! This week has just been gray. No sun. Just gray and rainy. I've been singing "The sun'll come out tomorrow...." all week but it hasn't :( 
2 weeks of gray. Sun please come out!
 Because of the weather, we've had to do a lot of block knocking. Not my favorite. The best was when a half naked older man opened up his door and proceeded to talk to us for a good 10 minutes. Can you say awkward? We did have a cool experience one day when we went out to eat though. Our whole group had left and a guy comes up to me and Sora Fletcher and goes, Hey are you from America? In perfect English. Heck yeah!!! He was from Holland and we had a really good conversation about what we do here. He wasn't interested, but it was still a really cool experience. I'm always grateful for those "english" experiences. We also took on a huge project of locating the addresses of our whole Member list on a map. It took about 8 hours and was a lot of work but we finally finished. Our plan as a district is to locate all the members who haven't come for years to see if their addresses are still correct or not. Hopefully we will be able to inspire some of them to come back to church and find more people who are interested in the process! 

We taught Roxana twice last week, and they went pretty well. Our last lesson was a little awkward though. We asked her if she would follow the law of Chastity after we had read a little bit about it in the "Strength For Youth" pamphlet and she was VERY confused. We were like uhhhh.......she is 13 but we don't think she's had the "birds and the bees" talk yet so it was a little awkward. We talked to her dad about it and he just said to go over it again with her, which we will this week. Anyway, her baptism is on Saturday and we've had lots of fun planning it! The whole branch is very excited about it, so we should have a great turn out. 
We were also assigned to teach Sunday School this past week which was a little nerve wracking, but we did it. A lot of people came up to us afterwards and told us that they loved it so I guess it was a success! It was on the Atonement of Christ, so it was a very touching topic for me. I know that He died for me. For all of us. And I know that He lives for me now. 

We started English this week! I am again teaching advanced but here, we have a lot of older people so it's a bit different. I was used to teaching younger people and doing a lot of games to practice their English but this group is more into discussions, so it's been pretty cool. We got lost a few times this week so we have been able to have lots of adventures. It usually ends with us calling some of our Elders, telling them the street we're on and then they direct us to a bus or a metro stop or something. We have survived thus far!!! 
Us on the metro after playing sports at a gym on Monday.
 We visited some members this week, and it was really cool to hear all their stories. The people here give up so much to join the church. Thir families, their friends, their jobs. They know it's the truth so it's worth it to them. They are so amazing!! It's very inspiring. We also had a lesson set up with a woman who recently joined the church and she "bunged" us or cancelled on us every day this week. Literally every day. One night we were even at her block, trying to buzz in and she told us that she was having a party so we couldn't come in. Awkward. We walked home with heavy hearts that night.  
Random Silly Pics:

We are hoping for some sunshine and some smiles and happiness this week! We are praying that it'll come. I love you all so much. Thank you for your strength, testimonies, faith, and support. You are all amazing. Have a glorious week! 

Sora Hovey
P.S. I dyed my hair blonde? Yay!!!