Transfer 3, Week 6

I'm staying in Bucuresti!!! With Sora Fletcher!! WOO!!!!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better!

So this week literally was a blur...I can't even remember which day was which at this point. We did a lot this week! Because the weather was pretty beautiful, we did A LOT of contacting in the parks. One of our Elders plays guitar so he would play guitar and I'd sing sometimes alone or with others which was so much fun! We would either have questions of the soul written on the ground or the Plan of Salvation drawn out, so it was really fun to talk to people and answer their questions. I love being outside! We didn't find anyone new to teach this week, and a lot of our lessons fell through but it was still a really good week.

I love Dana, the Muslim girl that we are teaching. She has SO many questions and it's so nice because I get to answer them in English!! It's so cool to explain Christ to her because a lot of people already know who he is and believe that He is the Son of God. It is really strengthening my own testimony of Christ as I explain who He is and what He did for us. So legit. Life is so great.

We had our last 2 English classes this week!! Fun fun. We did Jeopardy for our last class which was a riot! The bonus questions were to make Elder Koch and Elder Bliss laugh which was probably the best part. Romanian humor is just....not the same as ours hahah. Another guy had to describe the expression "Put a sock in it" to his team without using any of the words in it and his answer had me crying! He described it as, " Shoving a piece of garment into a small hole." The whole idea of that question was for him to be like, "it's an expression you say when you want someone to be quiet" or something along those lines. Not literally describing the expression with different words.....omygosh I was dying. We all were. I really hope that I get to teach Advanced again next transfer but it probably won't happen. I'll probably have to teach Beginner which is a little scary! I can barely teach English in English! Never mind Romanian!!! Gah!!! I'll keep you posted.

We had an activity this week with the Korean family that is in our Branch. We helped them prepare food and then ate it all together! It was really fun!!! I now know how to make sushi....watch out everyone hahah. Who would have thought I was gonna learn how to make Korean food while serving a mission in Romania?

Making Sushi!
So much fun. Sora Kelly came down this weekend because her companion is going home. She's been staying at our apartment and we are having a blast. I miss her like crazy! It's hard to believe that she'll be going home in 6 weeks now. No!!!! I'm getting so old in the mission. It's a really weird feeling because I still feel like a baby at the same time.
Reunited! I love Sora Kelly!
The "fake" laughing photo
 Also, we ended up meeting the 2 Nigerian guys we met last week before church and taking them there. They loved it! We were so happy they came. We have a translating system set up already so they were able to hear everything and participate in English. So cool. Life is great!! 
Random Pics:
Sara!!!  Sweetest little girl ever!
Elena (member who helps us with our Romanian) Love her.

Random New Jersey license plate??!

Me and the boys
The short jokes continue...

District photo!
I don't know...I think I was reenacting a scripture or something "eating the crumbs off of the master's table" Oh missionary life.

Hopefully I have more exciting adventures to share next week. I love you all! Christ lives!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey