Transfer 2, Week 5

Helloooooo world!!!!

What a week! Well, over a week now. Last Monday we watched Frozen, and I have been obsessed ever since. It's my favorite movie now and I know almost every word to all the songs. Wicked legit. Ana is literally me. Later that day as we were coming around the corner, we saw this creepy guy staring at us holding a bloody knife who was in the process of killing a goose. It's feet were still moving and we were thoroughly disgusted. We ran away but took pictures of the scene the next day....we think it's head was hidden in the snow somewhere nearby...
The blood from the goose. We inspected the scene of the crime the next day.
This week was a little weird with lessons. We had a few 30/30s where we teach English for a half an hour and Gospel for the other half an hour. It was just weird because our zone leaders had set up lessons for us (times and everything) without asking us if we were free beforehand. Okay...they ended up being pretty good but still weird. Our English classes have been going well. We've had some interesting experiences the last few classes. One of them, we got hugged by one of the boys...super awkward hahah. I've never not hugged someone back before. (We're not supposed to hug boys while we're on our missions.) Another guy told us that we were so beautiful, "there are no words..." Well, thanks!!!
Teaching English!
I was cold this week, so I ended up wearing my footie pajamas and a skirt one day. 

Umm...yes. I wore my footie pajamas to District Meeting.....
Oops! Remember how I sewed my boots last week? Well that didn't last. My feet were swimming in water and freezing for about two days until I finally told Sora Kelly who freaked out. She thought I was gonna get hypothermia or something. But I'm all good!! Thankfully there were some sales and I was able to get some good boots for about 30 American bucks. WOOT!

I got contacted when we were at Internet the other day! I was kinda freaked out at first because I saw some guy eyeing me and he switched seats to get next to me. Then he asked if I was Mormon (probably because he saw me looking at Mormon.org.) We continued to have a pretty good conversation about the Church through google translate on his computer hahaha. He asked us to go out for "suc" but we told him we only meet with women. Poor kid. We got his number and gave it to the Elders, so we'll see what happens with him.

Sunday was a little depressing. None of our investigators showed and the Relief Society President got mad at us for various reasons. Oh well. We went home and cried for a little bit about everything but we're all good now! That night made up for the awful day. We finally met with Mariana again and she is SO LEGIT. She didn't even know that Jesus Christ was the son of God till now and she showed us a little plaque of the last supper explaining who everyone was in it. She taught herself basically everything since we last met. She says that she reads the Book of Mormon every night and that she read the "pliant" about the Restoration of the gospel several times that week. She is so prepared, it's crazy. We love her SO much!!! She still calls us "her girls" and I will always be her  "Chinizoaică"  :)
Mariana. Love her!!!

The next day we took our trip to Târgu Neamț. It was about a 2 hour maxi taxi trip, so not too bad.
On the Maxi Taxi to Tergu Neamț
 We got there, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! It felt like spring! We ate lunch at this wicked nice restaurant on our way up to the fortress we were visiting called "Ce Tatea Neamțlui," built in 1391!!!!! I love Europe. We don't have anything that old in the US! It was quite a trek but it was totally worth it. It was set up like a museum inside and we had lots of fun trying to read all the signs and looking at all the little exhibits. We were going to visit a monastery as well but the timing didn't work out.
Just getting a drink on the way...


Creepy prisoners in the dungeon.

While we were waiting for our maxi taxi home, we talked to some really funny old ladies and met this adorable little boy. He asked us for money or food and all I had was an apple so I gave it to him and we got a picture. He was SO happy. It literally broke my heart. It kills me to see so many homeless little kids begging. It makes me so much more grateful for everything that I have.

Yesterday, we had our interviews with President and Sora Hill. They went great! Transfers are next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm out of Iași. I'll let you know next Monday. I really want to know where I'll be going and who I'll be with! Wish me luck! Love you all. Have a great week :)
<33 Sora Hovey