Transfer 2, Week 4

Bună dimineața dragii mei!!!!!!
Man is it cold here. This week, President Hill called to inform us that we had to restrict our time outside because of the cold. And it WAS. Really. Cold. There was so much snow! We made it through alive though! Because of the cold, we had permission to watch Frozen last Monday, but Sora Kellly and I weren't feeling well so we didn't watch it with the Elders. Hopefully we get to watch it today! I heard it was really good. 
It's cold!
poor doggie
Elders and members hard at work. I didn't get a picture of me breaking my back......hhaha
 This week my boot also ripped in the sole area and I went for 2 days with a freezing, soaking foot but I sewed it up and it hasn't been  problem since. Woot!! Sora Kelly was shocked and was laughing at me...she was like, I've never heard of anyone sewing their shoes before....yep that's me I guess hahaha. Because of the restriction, I went "block-knocking" for the first time. Basically, we do our survey contact, but we do it inside the apartment buildings, or "blocks" (they are all communist looking cement blocks.) Honestly it was a bit freaky at times so we've decided not to go without the Elders in the future.
First time "Block knocking"
 After a lesson with Maricică, we decided to block knock in her block for a bit before going home. This one guy started speaking really fast and we were just like...we don't understand. He continues to ask us if we spoke in like 5 different languages (I only understood "Parlez francais?) as he's coming out of his door into our faces. We start to back away towards the stairs as he's coming after us screaming in Romanian, "Ask me the questions!" We split and literally ran down 4 flights of stairs half crying half laughing. We were fine but just like.....what just happened.

It was so sad to see all the homeless people in the cold this week. We decided that whenever we go to get bread (which is almost everyday because the bread is so divine) we will get another loaf and give it to someone on the way home. We took bread, some food we were about to throw out, and some hand warmers to our favorite person, Ioan (we call him Johnny.) His skin was literally purple and we try to look for him everyday to make sure that he's still alive. We love him because he has NEVER asked us for food or money or anything but basically bows down to us and asks God to watch over us every time we pass by. He is a very special person and I know that God loves him, as well as all the other people here in Romania, and in the world.

We have been able to have some really cool experiences this week that really lifted our spirits! We had a lesson with each of our investigators, Mariana and Maricică, that both went really well. Although neither of them showed up to church yesterday, we still have faith in them and we love them very much. We shared some General Conference talks and sang some hymns to each of them. They both call us "their girls." Nobody knows my name so they just call me "chinizoaică" (little Chinese girl) or "iubita" (my love.) Oh well. We also got a call from one of the new missionaries who talked to a girl, Gabriela, at the airport when she came into the country. Gabriela just happens to live in Iași, so Sora Johnson gave us her information. We called her up and she told us she really wants to meet with us! She was all set up to come to church, but when we met with her in Centru to walk to church, she said she was too scared to go. We can't force anyone to come to church hhaha...although sometimes I wish we could....but no. Everyone is entitled to their own agency! It's a beautiful thing! We did give her a Cartea Lui Mormon (Book of Mormon) and set up to meet with her. She is such a sweet girl and speaks perfect English! 
 One last experience- On Saturday night we wanted to contacting but it was SO COLD. We kept trying to rationalize not going out but eventually I was like, nope. We have to go. We bundled up and walked for over an hour with basically no success. Nobody even wanted to look at us never mind talk to us lol. I had to go to the bathroom so we decided to stop at Palas Mall. Instead of going out the door, we decided to walk through the food court. All of a sudden, Sora Kelly stops at this table and goes, "Are you guys speaking English?" They all say yeah!!!! Long story short, we start talking to them and they ask us to sit down. They are all medical students from around the world, studying here. Sora Kelly had an amazing conversation with a girl from England and basically taught her the first two lessons, about the Restoration of the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. I was talking to the other people about the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and our English classes. The girl I was talking to FREAKED OUT when I told her bout English because she said her other friends had specifically asked her to find an English class for them but she couldn't find any. SO cool!!! We were there for over an hour and we got their numbers and want to meet up and talk again and come to our English classes. Such an amazing experience. We were just blown away afterwards! What if we hadn't gone out? What if we had turned around earlier and gone back home? What if I hadn't had to go to the bathroom...etc. etc...God is so involved in our lives it's crazy. We always have to looking for opportunities to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit! Even if we're busy or tired or cold or whatever it may be, God has a plan for us!

We also WON the scavenger hunt I was talking about last week!!!!!!! WOOOO!!! We were out for blood so I'm not surprised actually. We won with 40-something things and the person in second place had 24.....oops. I don't know what we won yet but just the fact that we won made us feel amazing!!!!! We had to let our pride go for some of the things....kind of had to stalk some people....shhh. So it was totally worth it. I even made mici for Sora Kelly and I (she can't look at raw meat.) We felt so Romanian with our mici, bread, and fizzy water. Oh btw, add that to my resume!! Apparently, I'm an amazing meat cooker. Who knew? I can't cook anything else so I might as well cook meat, I guess hahaha.
I made Mici!

I think I was annoyed with the Elders on the phone...

English went really well again! We love all of our students. The beginning of this week was rough, but I kept pushing through, not letting myself get down or depressed or anything.

Spiritual Thought at English Class
 This mission is such a mental game. Every day is hard and pushes you past your limits. I have been humbled to the ground here. Everyday I'm just like, I am nothing. I am nothing hahah. I have such a different perspective on life and people and everything in general. We're all the same, deep down. And I have been blessed beyond measure. I am so grateful for every little thing. Clean water, heat, cars, hand warmers, love, smiles. Anything and everything. I am so blessed. I know that Christ lives. He has suffered greater pains than any of us can ever fathom. He is the ultimate example and I want to challenge everyone to follow that example and try to become more like Him. I know that He is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that He loves every single person who has lived and ever will live. He's my best friend!!!
I love you all. Keep being amazing. Have a heavenly week!!!!! <333
Sora H