Last Week in Iasi


This week's post will be pretty short since I already emailed on Wednesday! But guess what??!! This girl is getting sent to..........drum roll please............. BUCHAREȘTI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! I'll be in Panduri (part of Buc) and I'm going from a 6 person district to a 12 person District to a place where there are 2 zones. Pretty crazy. My companion is Sora Fletcher and I am so excited to serve with her. I'm going down tomorrow night and I'll finally have my visa!!! WOOT WOOT. There will be lots of new adventures. It'll be so cool to be in the middle of everything! I know I'll love it. 

Let's see...okay Valentine's Day! One of the BYU girls here called us the night before and was like....this Romanian guy came up to us today and told us to give you a book that he had. What? Creepy. We asked her all these questions about him and she just seemed really confused. We were freaking out and thought that they were being stalked! The next day we went to their apartment to pick up "the book." She goes, "Okay, so I actually do know who the guy is. There's two of them! Their names are Brother Kelly and Brother Hovey!" Again....we were VERY confused. Then she pulled out flowers and chocolate and Valentine cards from our parents that she had written out for us. SO SWEET!!!!!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!! :)
Note from mom:  Actually, the BYU girls contacted us for a valentine email but bought the gifts themselves!!  So nice of them!

We had a branch activity for Valentine's Day on Saturday as well. Weird, right? It actually ended up being really fun and SO many people showed up!!! We had a cookie decorating contest and played this wicked fun song game. I pretty much blew everyone out of the water....oops. Basically, we had 2 teams and they would play a lovey song and the first team to guess the artist and the title won. I started getting them after like the first 2 notes hahaha. They played some in English and Romanian so I couldn't get ALL of them...but I got most. All the old ladies were getting so into it. SO cute!!! They were like Hai Chinizoaică!!!!! It was really fun and I got to say goodbye to some people too :(

I was asked to bear my testimony yesterday and everyone was like no, don't leave!!! It isn't right!!!! Hahah. I'll miss the people here. Afterwards, Sora Stoica invited us over for food and I ate so much I felt like I was gonna throw up. It was a basic Romanian meal but SO GOOD!!!! Mamaligă, ciorbă, sarmale, pâine, and prajitori (please don't quote me on ANY of that spelling.) They stuffed us to the brim. I'm going to miss everyone so much!! Especially Sora Kelly! But I know Panduri will be just as good. That's about all I have this week. I'll have lots to report about my new area/companion next week!!
Some random Pics:
This little guy followed us around for 2 hours. We named him Jack.

Pretty church...if you can tell.
Everyone makes us wear their slippers in their houses because we'll "get sick" if we don't.
Livia and friends.
Geanina andMe
Sora Lidia and Sora Stoica
A random lantern send off?

Vă pup! (kisses)
Sora Hovey