Hello world!!!!!

Guess what? I'm not a "boboacă" anymore. I've got my big girl panties on! I LOVE BUCAREȘTI!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I love the city so much. It's huge!! Especially because I'm not being trained anymore, I feel much more independent. However, there is a lot more responsibility and expectations now. We started off transfer day by taking an overnight train sharing a room with all of our Elders....it was wicked weird and I barely slept for the 7 hours or whatever it was. We roll into Buc early in the morning and I barely had enough time to drop all my stuff off at my new apartment before I had to run to catch up with the group going to the visa office. I got my visa so I am totally legit now!!!! Woot!!!!! I spent the rest of the day with Sora Kelly and her companion, Sora Rivera, and my new companion, Sora Fletcher. I love her so much!!! We get along SO well and I am superrrr excited for this transfer. Sora is a little shy so I've already had TONS of opportunites to do scary things. The language is still a struggle, but I'm working on it. Every day. It's kicking my butt but at least I think I'm improving? 


Anyway, on transfer day there were a buttload of missionaies in Buc so we all sang hymns for about 2 hours at Piața Unirii (a big shopping area) while people took turns contacting people around our singing group. It was so great and a lot of great stories came out of it. One woman said she was going to come to church just because she was so impressed by how beautiful we all sounded. She had never heard hymns sung like that before! The next day, Sora and I went back to  Piața Unirii by ourselves to contact a little. We were just handing out cards advertizing our English class and a man came up to me and started yelling at me in Romanian asking where I was from and what I was doing here. I decided to play dumb and said, "N-am ințeles" (I don't understand.) I didn't expect him to respond back in perfect English....which is exactly what he did. He went on to yell at me and asked me what I was doing here, to which I responded, I am a missionary for my church. That infuriated him apparently and he screamed, "No you are not a missionary! This is Romania! This is my country, and we are Orthodox. Go home." I simply took a step back and he stomped off, leaving Sora Fletcher and I a little shocked lol. The people are definitely a tad ruder than they were in Iași, which is fine! It's just a little different. 

Church was great yesterday! Completely different than what I've experienced thus far, but so amazing nonetheless! We have a real chapel here! And not only do the 12 missionaries in our district come, but the 2 assistants to the president and President/Sora Hill all come as well. SO it was a full house. I was asked to come up to bear my testimony- a little daunting but I stumbled my way through it. The members are so sweet. I already love them so much. Also!!!! Exciting news! A 13 year old girl, Roxana, finally got permission from her mother to be baptized yesterday!!!! Apparently she has been coming to church for years with her father, and only yesterday did she finally get permission to start meeting with the missionaries. And WE get to teach her!!!! Our first lessons are this week and hopefully she'll be getting baptized in about 3 weeks!!!! I am ECSTATIC!!!!!! This NEVER happens here. We are so excited for her and are so excited to teach her. She has been waiting a long time for this, and I get to be a part of it! :)

Random Pics:
Love. This. Lady.
"The People's Palace"
Our "cow" couch!!!!!
My new desk
I just love this place and these people so much. I can't wait to see what the future brings. On another note, I started an exercise plan that is going great! I stretch like crazy everyday and jumprope and do pushups and abs and everything! Also, I'm walking/running here like crazy. We're always running after some bus or train or traimvai....it's pretty funny actually. It's been great to struggle here with Sora Fletcher. We're both learning so much from each other, from getting lost, and from making mistakes with the language ALL the time. It's so great. I miss you all and love you like crazy. Till next week.

xoxoxoxoxxo Sora Hovey