Week 5 in Romania (December 24-December 30, 2013)

La mulți ani!! (Happy New Year! Or more directly translated, "to many years!")

This week was pretty cool I guess. It was weird and pretty sad not to be home for Christmas for the first time in my life, but it was still good. On Monday we went caroling to some members again which is so fun!!! Then we watched "Hobbitul:1" (The Hobbit 1) that night. I had no idea that I would be allowed to watch real movies while on my mission so I was VERY excited. I fell asleep during the first part but I was screaming by the end. The next day we saw Hobbitul: 2 in theaters!!!! So fun!!! I saw it before my family!!! Weird. I was screaming pretty much the entire time....I don't do well with suspense. Sorry not sorry to everyone else in the theater lol.

 Then we realized it was Christmas Eve and we had nothing but yeast in the pantry (go us!!) so we ran around to 2 grocery stores since the first one was CLEANED out. We were freaking out! The stores would be closed on Christmas and we didn't want to starve :( And that "running around" was literal.....we have no car and it took us 2 hours lol. Whew. We were glad when that was over. We visited our investigator and sang Christmas hymns with her and read the Christmas story in the Bible. It was a very nice Christmas Eve night if I do say so myself.

Then I woke up Christmas....wooooo....it didn't even feel like it. We made breakfast with our Elders and some visiting Elders and had a white elephant exchange. It was super fun!!! My SWEET companion Sora Kelly got me those amazing Rudolph glasses and real sheep slippers! I'm in heaven! Since one of my booties got lost I've been missing walking around in them :( But now I have new ones! Yay! I literally love her so much it's not even funny. By the way...don't mind all the weird pictures...I was kind of on a sugar high?
Elder Anderson got me a tie as a joke from the MTC ( I dressed up as Elder Hovey for halloween)
I was pretending to be Gollum....

 Anyway, I got a mini pineapple for white elephant and I was SO happy but then Santa (not really....Elder Conover dressed up like Santa) stole it from me ...RUDE!!

We found a playground on Christmas. I think I was a little TOO excited.

I got a pretty amazing Romanian carol CD instead. Then we went to a members house where she served us meat, meat, and more meat. And salmon paste rolls with salmon eggs and PIFTIE. Meat. jello. Mmmmm...


Anyway the next day I got to skype home. WOOOOO!!!!!! It was so awesome. I got to talk to everyone individually and it made me so happy. Just gotta wait till Mother's Day now.

The rest of the week we contacted a lot, got gelato, had English class, had another lesson with our investigator...hmm. I will never be able to go back to bread, ice cream, chocolate, soda, pretty much anything back home. It's SO GOOD here. Contacting has been nice because it seriously feels like May here. I was just wearing my coat the other day and I was sweating. Doesn't really feel like the worst winter in 100 years to me....knock on wood!  A guy in our English class is just really innapropiate. I walked in and he was like, can I kiss your hand? Ew. No. Then I was speaking Romanian to someone and he goes..wow you should speak Romanian more often and I said de ce? (why) And he goes..it's really sexy. EW. I didn't even respond. I later asked him to leave the class or shut his mouth because he was being disruptive. He decided to do the latter of those two haha. Sora Hovey has not lost her feistiness. If anything I'm more feisty here! You have to be! Hahaha I love it. Anyway my Romanian is improving? I think. I hope one day it'll just click and I'll be able to speak fluently and understand everything but obviously that's not going to happen anytime soon...oh well. Hopefully I'll more to report next week. Transfers are coming up so I'm crossing my fingers I get to stay in Iași with Sora Kelly! We think we will, but you never know...I could be on the opposite side of the country next week. I'll keep everyone updated. Pa pa for now!!! Hope everyone enjoys their New Year celebrations!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey <333333

cute coke!

I am wearing Elder Anderson's coat.
Elder Anderson is wearing his coat.
My breakfast. Chocolate and coke. SAD
They don't have chocolate chips here so I had to cut them.
Our oven is possessed! We had to cut the burned bottoms off of all our cookies. The Elder better have appreciated those little mamas...