Transfer 2, Week 3 (Burned Banana Bread)


I hope everyone had a great week! I feel like a lot happened this week...but maybe I'm wrong.The rainy week has turned into snow and let me tell you....it's A LOT of snow. I didn't realize that my asthma would be an issue but it is! It hurts to breathe when you have to walk for an hour with the freezing cold air filling your lungs! I've never had to walk so much in the winter before so I guess I just never realized. I didn't think I could finish the 15 minute walk to church yesterday, but I did survive. (Can you tell I'm being dramatic?) Haha. I'm fine. I don't even care about myself when I see our friend Johnny sitting on the steps of the big Orthodox church shaking and his skin is purple. It is so cold here and it breaks my heart to see all the homeless people with nowhere to go. 

Anyway, on Monday the Assistants to the President came up for an exchange with our Zone Leaders (who are stationed with us here in Iași.)  They brought my long awaited Christmas Box from home! 
Opening my Christmas presents. Thank you!!!! I love my footie pajamas!!!!
My outfit the next morning. Sora Kelly convinced me NOT to go outside like that.

We went airsofting! I had never been before and it was honestly scary. I like shooting but I've never had to worry about being shot AT. GAH! I still have bruises on my legs from being shot but it was totally worth it haha.
Air softing. We're so tough.
  Later that night we helped some of the other Elders move into their new apartment! 

We started our English classes this week and we had about 80 people there on Tuesday night! It was SO awesome. Sora Kelly and I are teaching advanced again and we love the group we have. 2 of our students came to church yesterday and LOVED it. We are so excited! We played a game with English idioms and on Saturday we made a mad lib for them. Romanians are so not creative it's not even funny so we were dying listening to all their responses. 

Tuesday night we were deep cleaning like mad women because the Sister Training Leaders came up on Wednesday morning for our exchange and they do an apartment check. We had to change our water filter which was an interesting and lengthy ordeal. Thankfully the water is pretty good here compared to the rest of Romania so the filters didn't look too nasty. I've heard the water literally comes out brown or red other places...we'll see what happens in the future! Anyway, the exchange was really fun. I went with Sora Rivera who is from England! She's almost done with her mission. So crazy. She had a lot of great advice and really pushed me to do scary things! She made me give the survey to people all by myself. After I asked the first guy all the questions I turned to her to take it from there and she just started back at me. What. I turned back to the guy and somehow finished a conversation and gave him a pass along card with the church service info on it. WOOT! WOOT! Am I good, or am I good?
After my first full survey contact.
 Sora Fletcher good pooped on by birds twice that day. Poor girl haha. I also got rejected 16 times in a row. Yes I counted :(  I learned so much about myself that day it's crazy! People always say that I'm fearless and brave but I'm really not. What I realized is that I'm courageous! Having courage means that you do things even though you're scared out of your mind. Having faith and trust in the Lord can be scary sometimes! But really, through Him, anything is possible. I learned so much from the exchange and I am so much more consecrated to missionary work and to God and everything so I'm really grateful for the amazing experience. 

So our whole zone is doing a scavenger hunt right now and Sora Kelly and I are OWNING. We HAVE to win. Some of the things are: Make a Romanian meal, Get 6 people to smile back at you (that one was REALLY hard to get!!!), high five someone while contacting them, Survey contact a smoker in action, Invite someone wearing cheetah pants to English class, etc...there's like 40 things on the list. And we are totally gonna win. Wish us luck! We also made a promise to the Assistants that we both will do 25 push ups by next week.....I have no idea why we did that. I guess my pride is more important than anything else hahaha. I'm dying. Sora Kelly and I are building up by doing 5 push ups every time we want to eat something. So basically....we've been starving. JK! But really....we're gonna do it somehow. 

Saturday we had English, then made Romanian cakes with a member, Genina and the BYU girls. We had a relief society activity about setting goals and our old investigator, Maricică, showed up!!!! We were so happy!!!!
Maricică and I!
It was a really nice activity and made me love the women in our little branch even more. Mariana has been sick so she wasn't able to come to that or to church yesterday, but hopefully we will get to visit her tonight! We visited Maricică last night and sang her some hymns. She loved it! I'm so glad it's a talent I have that I can use easily here. Nobody knows how to sing, it's crazy!!! We tried to make her banana bread but again, our oven is possessed so it literally was pure black all around the edges. So sad.


 We ended up cutting all around the edges and bringing it to her anyway, and I have to say, we salvaged it pretty well. BUT! I learned a lesson! The banana bread was so good and light and juicy on the inside even though the outside was LITERALLY all black and disgusting. I think that we can find the good in anything! In people, in situations, in experiences, etc. It may look black and crusty outside, but it's our job to cut off those edges and find the sweet, delicious inside! That's what God asks of us! To be of good cheer. Those are my words of wisdom for the week! 
More random pics:

Beach plum jelly!
In front of my favorite building.
Elder Anderson's birthday
Beat at the end of the day.
Eating mici for the first time
Wearing Elder Rodenberg's hat.
I love you all. I love this gospel that brings me and others around me so much happiness. I am grateful for your love and support. I know that God lives and loves you! Till next week.

<3 Sora Hovey