Transfer 2: Week 2 (January 14-21)

It has been very rainy as of late, so sorry for the lack of pictures. So last Monday, I forgot to mention that we had a power outage in the morning so our whole day was thrown off because we couldn't see. It has happened several times now so we've learned to keep lots of candles on hand. We also went to pizza hut for lunch! It was so nice to have some American food for once! SO GOOD! Speaking of food...I tried chicken flavored chips for the first time this week. They have some really strange things here. They weren't that bad though hahah. Later in the week we had something called "Zone Training" where our whole zone came together and taught one another. The other cities in our zone are Bacău and Galați, so the missionaries from those cities came to us here in Iași. We are the only sisters in our zone so it was pretty fun! Sora Kelly and I had to do a little presentation on a form of contacting and we chose picture contacting! We did a pretty ridiculous skit (I contributed mostly to the ridiculous part) and everone was dying laughing. Sora Kelly pretended to be the missionary and I was the random person. She asked me to take a picture of her in front of "a building" and I basically turned it into a modeling session and was like...more wind, more wind! Fly! You're a bird! Etc...and made a ton of inside jokes so it was good comic relief for the whole day. We went out for lunch all together afterwards and then the visiting missionaries got on the train back home. Oh! My bag kept breaking and finally broke for good so I had to get a new one :/ Hopefully this one will last me till the end of my mission. it's pretty good quality so it should do the job. 

I also fell in love with these blue heels! Ahh! It's been too long. I miss heels like crazy. Oh the sacrifice.....jk hahah.

I felt VERY accomplished this week! I called several people (by myself!) and set up appointments to meet, woot woot! I taught the entire first lesson to a member who said she would help me with my Romanian. We meet once a week and I teach her the gospel! Her name is Genina and I love her SO much!! Apparently she has been really shy until I came around lol.Also. I was talking to a woman about our English class the other day and near the end she asked me if I spoke English!! Say what??!! Yes, I'm a native English speaker. But thank you for thinking I was a native Romanian hahaha. Can you say confidence booster? YAY!!!
This week I did get a little homesick. I was thinking about ballet, and the family, and friends and everything! I HAVE been out on my mission for 3 months now...kind of hard to believe. I was able to share the story about when I lost Brigham at Pump N' Jump to my fellow missionaries this week and it made me miss all my siblings so much!!! It made me think about how God feels when even one of his children is "found" again and brought back to him. I related it to the relief and happiness I felt when he came running into my arms and I just sat there sobbing while holding him. It really is true though. We are all God's children and we can't comprehend the love he has for us. I know that when we come back and communicate through prayer to him, that he is overjoyed! More than we can imagine!
I was pretty sick this week...I don't think I ever stopped being sick. So not to be graphic or anything but I've been having a pretty bad case of the runs! So President Hill's wife, Sora Hill told me to make Imodium. Long story short is made me constipated for 2 days. Let me tell you. It was pretty awful. She told me that I would probably need a "depository." A what??!! Heck no!!!!! Instead I ate a whole package of prunes and jump roped/ran around our apartment for a while until something FINALLY happened. Needless to say, Sora Kelly was having a pretty good time over the course of those days. Vai de mine! (Woe is me!)
More random pics:
Beautiful Moon!
Sora Kelly and me in front of Palas!
We are babas! (Old women that wear these things on their heads)

We ran out of time and tried to make pasta salad in a rush! The pasta had to be cold, so we put it in the freezer!

Well I think that's about it for this week. More to follow! I love you all! I hope that you are staying safe and healthy and happy! I pray for you all every day!!! Let me know if anything crazy happens! I want to hear it!
Yours truly,
Sora H