Transfer 2: Week 1 (January 7-13)

Trying to burn me at the stake.
Dragii mei!!! (My dears)
This week felt like a million years long...legit. On Monday our district went to the Botanical Gardens here in Iași. It was kind of cold, but pretty fun! I'm sure it's a little prettier in the Spring but it was a nice long walk and a good break from the rest of the normal week. I think I'm capable of making any situation at this point.
Botanical garden pictures.

Someone probably said something rude to me...
Comp pic!! Woo!

The animals continue to scare the living daylights out of me. I almost took Sora Kelly down this week when a dog barked at me from behind a fence and I screamed bloody murder while jumping into her arms. We're not a pair very well suited to animal life...This week was pretty boring honestly. All the Elders went to Bucharești on Wednesday because some of them were getting transferred so Sora Kelly and I owned the city on Wednesday! WOO! Our one investigator decided she didn't want to meet with us anymore...ouch. So this whole week was full of FINDING!!! Which means lots of walking. We literally came home exhausted and in pain from all the hours of walking we did each day, but it's all good! It means I'm actually doing something here, right! 
I was afraid it was going to jump on my head
 We were able to talk to a ton of cool people this week which was awesome. There's a really big university here so this week was fun to see all the students come back from their break.
We have two new Elders here, Elder French and Elder Reid. We all went out for gelato to get to know each other and it was wicked fun! We love them so much already! We're so excited to have them here and we can tell that they are very motivated and dedicated missionaries. Sora Kelly and I are so excited for this transfer! We feel like something wicked awesome is coming our way (fingers crossed.)

Elder Reid (new) and Elder Conover
Elder French (new) and Elder Anderson
Yesterday was kind of rough. I was called chinese, a vampire, and something else I can't remember...all in the course of 5 minutes. Romanians are very blunt. It's okay though, I am too so we get along just fine. I just have to learn how to be blunt in Romanian now, no big deal. The later half of the day was better though. We were able to meet with a woman, Mariana, who we both love so much! She was gone for over a month visiting her daughters and husband but she's back now!! We had an amazing lesson on prayer and she really wants to learn more. She calls us "her girls" and takes really good care of us. Hopefully she will continue to want to learn so that we can show her what this wonderful gospel can do for her! We're in a 2 week break from our English class right now so we're putting out the word for our next round of classes. Wish us luck!
I just wanted to add one more thing. I recently heard this amazing talk by Jeffrey R Holland, a member of the quorum of the 12 apostles, that really touched me. It's specifically for people that are struggling or know someone who is struggling with depression and other forms of mental/emotional illnesses. It brings such peace and comfort to me and know that it will to you too! I highly recommend listening to it if you get a chance!


More random pics!

Elders having fun...

Watch out for horse drawn carriages!

My dream house

Just some wicked old statues of Kings....no big deal.
We went out for gelato with our new Elders!

My new boyfriend. His name's Mr. Big and Tall.

In the internet cafe writing this email!

My new planner cover (Thanks to EMMA for the awesome card I made it our of <3 )

Alright! That's about it for now! I love you all so much and pray for you everyday. If you need anything or want to talk to me, never hesitate to shoot me an email! I'm always here!

Yours truly,
Sora Hovey